Wednesday, June 24, 2009

How To Make Bill O'Reilly Look Sane

Come on his show and explain the socialist conspiracy using a dollhouse. (via Gawker)

There is a second dollhouse video on Gawker from Glenn Beck's own show.


Ahsan said...

Couple of thoughts.

1. That was so goddamn manufactured. His stupid story didn't even NEED the props, if anything, the props made it more complicated.

2. I want to know what drugs he's on. It's none of the ones I am familiar with. It has to (a) make you slightly jumpy, (b) make you say completely crazy shit, (c) not have any effects on your physical appearance, and (d) leave you completely oblivious to the fact that you are, in fact, batshit crazy. Any candidates?

bubs said...

I think the whole Glenn Beck shtick is manufacturing which is why I disagree with point d. I think he knows how crazy he is and he is trying to milk it for all it is worth. The guy has even arranged a stand-up comedy tour (he is marketing it as such; it's not meant to be unintentional comedy) where he will summon tears at will and generally do what he does on his show.