Thursday, June 18, 2009

I-Had-No-Idea-About-This Fact Of The Day

Nobody ever tells me about cool internet/computer stuff, so please ignore this post if this information is painfully obvious to you.

I have been told that on, a user's "Wishlist" is public. In fact, you can search for and access anyone's wishlist. Needless to say I find this incredibly voyeuristic or, put differently, bloody amazing.

All you have to do is sign out, and then run your mouse over "Gifts & Wish Lists" and then type in a name or email address of someone you know.

Before you get any ideas, you should know I don't have a Wishlist on Amazon, and have put all my prospective purchases in my shopping list (because I'm smart like that). So yeah, nice try.

Anyway, just thought you guys should know if you don't already.


bubs said...

Why wouldn't you want a public wishlist? It ensures you get what you want on birthdays.

Ahsan said...

Wait, you still get birthday presents? Lucky bastard.