Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Poll Post

This week's poll was inspired by AKS' post last week, which engendered a lively discussion in the comments section. I figured there was only one way to decide once and for all: putting it up for a vote. You can comment on the poll here if you want.


R Malik said...

Tigers all the way. Case study: '92 world cup.

Imagine Imran going into that dressing room after Pringle had handed their batting asses back to them in a 10 rupee portion of chips and saying: 'Right boys I want you to forget this ever happened and go out and fight like cornered bears for the rest of the tournament'......

It just doesn't work does it?

Fuck bears. What do they ever do apart from killing awesome documentary makers? R.I.P Grizzly man.

Ahsan said...

All bear fans should watch this:

They don't actually show the fight, but they show the aftermath, and let me tell you, it's not pretty for the bear fans.

Philistine said...

I pick care bears over fucktarded gaylord tigger any day. To all the tiger lovers out there, I can only say: Care Bear Stare!!

Anonymous said...

from yahoo answers. the definitive site for conflict resolution (of the tiger vs. bear kind):
"...All one can do is compare attributes and make a conclusion on that basis. Both have LARGELY the same jaw and canine size and LARGELY the same jaw strength. Both have very powerful forelimbs, moreso in the Kodiak. (The idea, however that a large bear species can crush a skull or snap a spine with blows from its forelimbs is LARGELY conjecture and I don't think this is viable, although it could certainly inflict harm). Powerfully built as a Siberian tiger is, a Kodiak is more so and I would say that the kodiak is physically stronger. There may be circumstantial advantage gained by the tigers' claws simply if he manages to catch the bears' eye. Other than this I think the thick shaggy coat of a Kodiak would render the tigers' claw swipes ineffective. I think it would be possible for the tiger to grip on to the bears back and make bite attempts but Kodiaks are heavily muscled and I believe the chances of the tiger inflicting a significant wound would be low and infrequent. The Kodiak is typically twice the weight of even a siberian tiger. It is worth noting (if only to discount its influence) that although Siberian tigers' do prey on the Kodiaks' smaller brown bear cousins this cannot be a factor here as these bears do not compare at all with the size and power of a Kodiak. So with these considerations it will come down to physical strength and size and here, the Kodiak clearly has the edge. Specific scenarios will always have influence over the outcome and the contest is likely to be far from one-sided but on balance, I think the Kodiak will win in the majority of cases. I would be of the same opinion if it was a Polar bear instead of the Kodiak."

Tigers...suck. my. balls.

On second thought.

zeyd said...

Yeah, I think we need to specify which bear is going to be lacing up. A panda, for example, doesn't really stand a chance. Nor does a black bear, which is a bit of a pansy.

A Kodiak, on the other hand, would absolutely maul anything in its way.

Ahsan said...


Hahaha. The mental image of a bear wearing sneakers ("lacing up") killed me.