Monday, June 29, 2009

Puerile SMS Of The Day

Dhoni: Mama aaj app nay mujhay plate mai chai kiyun di?

Dhoni Ki Mama: Kyun kay Cup tho tumhare baap lay gaye.

Pakistan Zindabad!

(Courtesy: SM)


Anonymous said...

Geo breaking news: West Indies thrashed India in Kingston today. Nice.

Zubair Sheikh said...

Hilarious and Spot on.

Anonymous said...

Damn straight

Ahsan said...

I'm wondering what the average Pakistan cricket fan is happier about: us winning the whole thing, or India being knocked out before the super 8s. Forced to choose, I'd say the former, but only just.

Anonymous said...

I am really disappointed with this post.Why it always comes to India versus Pakistan especially when Indian cricket fans have heaped praises on Pakistan cricket team for winning the world cup?It is time for Pakistan to cherish its victory rather than bashing India.

Rohith said...

@ Anon,

Its really not that the whole of India is rejoicing Pak's victory. But yes, it is ironic that a "joke" is termed as Puerile and still finds space as a post. Just ignore and get on with it.

Ahsan said...


Haha why is it ironic? Do you realize that if this blog stopped posting puerile things, there'd be nothing left to post?

karachi khatmal said...

Rohith and Anon 1045 have a point... but it is a funny thing going on here... pre-mumbai, everyone was much more PC about india and the cricket team, a lot of us were even backing india when they played australia. in other words, when the political situation had calmed down so had we. then mumbai happened and all that sibling rivalry came crashing back to us.

also, none of you had to watch months of those "aanay day" and "yeh cup kaheen nahin jaye ga" adverts :P

AKS said...

Anon 1045 and Rohit,

You're reading too much into this. It was a dumb joke and perhaps as much fun can be had at the expense of the person who came up with this joke.

Karachi Khatmal,

I'm not sure if I would classify the timing of the change in Pakistani cricket fans' attitudes as "post-Mumbai."

We've hardly had any cricket in the country, the one team that came here was attacked and our cricketers weren't allowed to play in the IPL.

All the while Pakistani cricket fans have been watching Indians playing plenty of cricket and doing pretty well. So I guess we're just trying to rub this in their face a bit.

To be perfectly honest though, I have gotten less fond of the Indian team over the past couple of years. They've become a bunch of brats on the field. They appear to be emulating Steve Waugh's arrogant, assholic Aussies, a team nobody really liked. But at least they completely dominated the game, I don't think the same can be said about the current Indian team.

Mostly though my annoyance is centered around the bloody ads featuring Indian cricketers that seem to always be on air.


Okay, you know why I'm really annoyed.

Its just not fair that Dhoni gets to run around with a scantily clad Bipasha Basu while Younis Khan, the winning captain, has to stand around with Umar Gul and Afridi claiming "main HBL ka hissa hoon," while poor Wasim bhai has to stand around with children making this idiotic statement(and then drinking Pepsi):

Deewanon ko ijazat nahin chaheeye piyas bhujanay kee.

Pepsi say hay zamana.


I'm pretty sure Wasim bhai's Pepsi commercial is shot in the same park as his famous anti cigarette ad.

dudelove said...

haha.. naa i thought this was funny!

no one should discount the ability of us indian cricket fans to turn parasites at the drop of a match and rejoice greatly at the expense of the indian team.

Rohith said...

@ Ahsan

you are one modest guy :|

@ AKS,

My comment was less to do with the post than the comments that would follow as they have. anyway, surely agree that all of us should learn to take ourselves a little less seriously. Comedy is always at the expense of someone :).
But am bamboozled by ur brat theory. Bhajji-Hayden incident is one thing that comes to mind (there too debate always exists as to who started it all blah bla). Aside from that, I need enlightenment :)

Anonymous said...


If you guys had seen the behavior of the Indian fans when Pakistan was playing Sri Lanka in the super eights you would have no issue with this joke. Those over-rated douche bags deserve it.


Ahsan said...

Yeah I would agree with AKS, this new-age Indian team is much less likable than the Ganguly/Dravid/Laxman/Kumble team from earlier this decade. There are some real stuck up/pompous/obnoxious pricks:

1. Harbajhan
2. Yuvraj
3. Sreesanth

There's plenty of others that I'm sure I'm forgetting.

I would also say the unrelenting hype that accompanies every Indian win is bloody annoying. In that respect, Star/ESPN have been as responsible for the decline of India's popularity as anything else.

Still not as bad as the Aussies though. Their series 18 months ago in Australia was telling -- I don't think I've EVER seen a team behave in a more unsportsmanlike manner than OZ in that series. Ponting is a class A chootia, and the rest of his team back then (Symonds/Hayden etc) were no different. Only guys I've liked from OZ in the last twenty years have been Mark Taylor (best captain I ever saw), Steve Waugh (most hardworking player I ever saw), Damien Martyn (most beautiful right hander I ever saw) and Adam Gilchrist (when he wasn't destroying us, that is).

Rohith said...


Harbhajan - Agreed
Yuvraj - Apart from his body language, i dont see him having said or done anything to get that qualification, he is just a lazy royal genius. And when he has got agressive, the careers of the likes of Stuart Broad have been destroyed :))
Sreesanth = Small change, never a major player
ESPN STAR = with so less biz coming to them they need to make the most of it, i think.


First, we are talking abt the team and not the fans. Second, I really dont know how the tickets were being laid out that day (there must have been a package of both games together). If thats the case, u can easily expect indians to crowd out the available space. And when watching a match, we do have to take a stand dont we? :))

Anonymous said...


Agreed. And when we win the tournament while your boys get whipped like schoolgirls, we get to make all the jokes we want. :)


SZM said...

I thought it was quite funny. I don't understand why everyone is taking this so damn seriously!
i suggest everyone just calm down!

Rohith said...



Majaz said...

Well we sure do get weird over cricket around these parts now don't we.

i_screwed_my_cow said...

Finally, us gay Indians can screw like we were meant to :):):)

Call me Rohith