Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Annals Of Right-Wing Punditry

Two videos to brighten up your day. The first is Bill O'Reilly claiming that Canada's life expectancy is greater than America's because, well, America has more people.

Paul Krugman, upon hearing this, says he needs a drink.

Moving along, please watch Michelle Malkin's interview with Matt Lauer. There really are no words to describe this performance so I won't even try. My favorite bit was right at the end, where she ends her little speech with this ridiculously smug smile. Ugh.


Komal said...

Ah, Bill O'Reilly. My favorite moment was when he said Palin was one of the 'regular folks' - yeah, because regular folks have six-figure budgets for their wardrobes :p
Thanks for the videos. Stay lulzy, Republicans.

Anonymous said...

You should perhaps post this video of a recent speech by Bilawal "Bhutto" Zardari as well. This will certaily cheer you up if the other videos didnt.

Ahsan said...

Wow. That Bilawal video is priceless. Thanks for passing it along.

Ghost of Bubs said...

Ooooooooh Woooooooh!

I am the Ghost of Bubs. While I have long since left this cyber plane, my spectre yet remains and will haunt the authors and readers till their dying days.

*chains rattling*

Oooooooh... fear me. Feel my icy chill as you tap your fingers onto your keyboard or phonepad. You may have forsaken me when I wrote among you, but now you are all eternally damned to bear my vengeance.

So bewaaaaare. Next time you click on the comments section, you never know what else might pop out onto your desktop, reach through your screen, and subject you to horrors the likes of which you can never imagine.

Ha Ha Ha Ha

Ahsan said...

Farooq, shouldn't it be "Muahahahaha" instead of "Ha ha ha ha"?

Naqiya said...

wow. bilawal sounds like he has a giant stick up his bum. also, you'd think he'd start taking urdu lessons or something to fix his lehja

Naqiya said...

okay i take that back, i wrote that comment before finishing the video, and now i think that was just plain scary. i'd like mr. bhutto to explain how hes planning to fund is mass feeding/clothing etc. of the needy. also, "we've sacrificed our uncle"???? really? that's in poor taste right there.

BarcaFan(BiH) said...

You can clearly see that America is filled with ignorance when people like O'Reilly and this brainless chick Malkin as well as Palin get ANY airtime whatsoever. No wonder the New World Order is able to get away with their criminal acts. People just make it too easy for them.

Ahsan said...


What an awesome picture. Can you comment here more often? It will brighten up my day considerably.

BarcaFan(BiH) said...

@ Ahsan:

Haha. I'll do that surely :)

You are too funny, mate.