Thursday, July 02, 2009

Poll Post, And An Announcement

You can comment on this week's post here, if you wish.

Also, just letting you guys know I won't be blogging for the next week since I'm taking a vacation. So you won't hear until from me until next Thursday, unless Bilawal is caught in a sex scandal with Michael Jackson or something.

When I come back, I have a few things I'd like to get to with regards to blogging:

1. Finishing up my analysis of why there's an elite in cricket.
2. Talking about what the hell Real are doing in the transfer market (in case you didn't know, they friggin' signed Benzema today), and how (or if it all) it affects Barca next year.
3. An analysis of the civil war in 1971, with particular reference to Husain Haqqani's treatment of the entire episode in his book.
4. A conversation with my friend (and fellow PhD Poli Sci student) Lindsey on higher education, and the changes we would like to see in academia.

AKS and Bubs, it's all you. Take care guys, and see you soon.


Anonymous said...

AYEE! What about NB!!

h @ said...

enjoy the vacation champ

Ahsan said...


NB's pretty much retired. He's an honorary member of the blog now.



Ali K. said...

/they friggin' signed Benzema today/

i can't believe even BBC is saying they've signed him when in fact they havn't. They have only had a bid accepted and most probably Man U may have had a bid accepted as well.

It dosn't affect barca that much. It seems that the real team will be fundamentally unbalanced.

Ali said...

good work.. see you soon

AKS said...

I now want Real to go ahead and sign Ribery. Then I want them to lose in the Champions League quarter finals, finish 5th in Spain and fail to make next year's CL and as a result go bankrupt.

bubs said...

Have a good break. Can you add the ten best fiction books to the list of things you have to blog about. We've been eagerly waiting for it.

Rohith said...

All of the points mentioned are still in the pipeline?

Ahsan said...


Yes, I think so. But they can always be put off for more topical posts, which remains a problem because it means my attention will almost always be elsewhere. Will probably write a post on the transfers in Spanish football this weekend. Let's see about the others.