Thursday, July 30, 2009

Comeback Kids

So it wasn't enough that Michael Schumacher came out of retirement, it now appears that Patrick Vieira maybe joining Arsenal on a pay as you play deal.

I don't know what to say about this one, and to be fair I'm not too inclined to believe this story. Its not like I don't think its a good deal - he'll cost Arsenal next to nothing and his experience will be valuable, especially now that Toure has left. But its just doesn't seem like something Wenger would do.

And bringing him will not be problem free.

1. Gilberto is going run after Wenger with an axe

Wenger let Gilberto go on the grounds that he was passed his best and his experience wasn't needed. Vieira can hardly walk so I'm not sure how he can justify bringing him back.

2. Bye Bye Cesc

Even if Wenger retains Fabregas as captain, there's no doubt that Vieira will be calling the shots and this may not go down too well with Fabregas. Also, Wenger will for once have to admit that he was wrong in saying that 'Arsenal have plenty of leaders on the ground,' if that was the case there would be no point in bringing back the giant, hobbling hack-job.

3. Walcott loses ball, my dead grandmother gets the ball, jogs past Vieira and Silvestre and SCORES!

Vieira can't run. Silvestre is slow. Gallas cries and whines. A lot. Senderos thinks in 5 different languages before doing anything, by the time he's finished thinking the ball's in the back of the net. Thomas Vermicelli is Dutch (okay so maybe that's not always a bad thing, but one can't expect him to fit in the team right away).

We need some really solid players in defence, and I don't want Vieira detracting us from buying a quality defensive midfielder as well as another defender (or two).


But man, its going to be fantastic to see Vieira back. Though I'd prefer if he was brought back as a defensive coach, or cheerleader, or just to eat pizza on the bench during a Manure game.

One last thought, if Arsenal sell Eboue for around 7 million Pounds they'll have 46 million in the kitty; Sergio Aguero anyone?


Ali K. said...

lol @ 3. I can't belive Wenger is not trying to get Flamini back. I would.

It would be daft to sign Aguero when Vela a similar sort of player is waiting in the wings and when you have Persie and Eduardo. Arsenal need someone who can play central, hold the ball up and score headers. Like Huntelaar or Forlan.

Ahsan said...

Don't think either El Kun or Forlan want to play in England. Best bet for Arsenal is the firesale on for the Dutch contingent at Real (any of VDW or Sneijder -- don't think Arsene would want to touch Robben with a ten foot pole).

Ghost of Bubs said...

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I will eat all of you.

Ahsan said...

Ghosts don't eat anything dumbass.

Not That Person said...

Alien Panda izzzzzzz baaaaackkkkk



zeyd said...

Aks, do you really think Wanker will spend 46m on a single player? Especially when he can go out and buy 10 more kids and participate in a massive kiddy porn orgy?

But yeah, as Ahsan said, Madird's the best option. 40 for Ade and Toure can easily be spent by dishing out 30 for Huntelaar and M.Diarra, with 10 left over. Those two are exactly what you need and therefore I'm thrilled at the inactivity in the northern, shitty part of London.

Anonymous said...

you on crack?

we do not need huntelaar as attacking options are strong with v persie, arshavin, eduardo, vela, bendtner, walcott, rosicky (one day) etc.

a strong centre half and combative mid-fielder is what is actually required. diarra sucks so thats a stupid option. much better would be the two midfielders arsenal are actually linked with: baise maituidi - st etienne or de rossi - roma (long-shot).

centre-half pairing of gallas and vermaelen actually looks very strong with sagna and clichy on the wings - but backup is required, for which fulham's hangeland would be ideal.

AKS said...


Raiding Real would be good, even if its for only for the business side of things. Real are in such a hurry to off load players that there's a bargain to be had, and a profit to be made in a year's time.

That said, in footballing terms apart from Sneijder (who has plenty of admirers and wont be cheap), there's no one I'd really like to see. In my view Sneijder would be a perfect stand in (i.e. replacement) for Rosicy.


Don't be jealous, you know Northern London is the place to be. Anyway, of course he wont be spending that much money. You're right, he's going to pick up a few promising Frenchmen instead, starting with Blaise Matudi apparently.

BUT if Wenger was going to spend crazy money, he should do it on De Rossi who is apparently up for sale. I'm already hearing murmurs that we're going in for him (long shot - as mentioned by anon above).

anon 1025,

I don't think we have enough attacking options. The names you put out would be fine if we were playing 4-5-1 (as we did last year) but Wenger has dropped strong hints that he wants to return to 4-4-2. If that proves to be true then we're short a striker - ideally a quick front man, which would rule out the Huntergatherer.

I know Wenger wants to convert Walcott into a striker but that's going to take some time.

To be fair though I can't think of anyone who fits the bill (Chamakh would be a gamble as he is perhaps not good enough).

Lastly, I'm not too sure about Gallas. He's obviously a decent player with plenty of experience, but he's getting slow and I don't think he's good enough to be a first choice defender. Let's also not forget that he's inkd of insane and can be disruptive - you certainly don't want that from the second oldest player of a young team.

These are our first team defenders:

Thomas Vermaelen
Philippe Senderos
William Gallas
Alexandre Song
Mikaël Silvestre
Johan Djourou
Bacary Sagna
Gaël Clichy
Armand Traoré
Kieran Gibbs

Arsenal need to sign two defenders, especially as Senderos is likely to leave.

zeyd said...

To quote the Anonymous gooner:

''we do not need huntelaar as attacking options are strong with v persie, arshavin, eduardo, vela, bendtner, walcott, rosicky (one day) etc.''

R.V.P is glass, as is rosiscky, and whilst its nice to have your cute little eduardos and velas, you need a front man who can put away chances. Hence Huntelaar fits the bill.

Oh and please don't mention bendtner who sucks balls.

Another gem:

'diarra sucks so thats a stupid option.'

Right. That's why he was one of Real's best players in 07/08 when they won the league. Oh and De Rossi will cost over 25m so good luck convincing Wanker.

Crack? You speaking from experience?

AKS said...

hahaha, here here.

Agree with you Zeyd, I don't particularly like Diarra but he's a solid player and we could certainly do worse.

And if a couple of clubs show interest De Rossi could be touching 30 mil - Melo went to Juve for 18 mil + Marchionni (that's around 21-22 million pounds).

Anonymous said...

clearly zeyd has a hard time understanding what 'long-shot' means. would be interesting to see how that has manifested itself in his personal life.

also, as mentioned by just about everyone, huntelaar does not fit the bill so shut up already.

and diarra does suck. in case you haven't noticed, football management is based more on potential than on pointless historical analyses. on your basis we would be buying ronaldinho, the other ronaldo and heck knows who else. (they were sooooo amazing back in....)

i agree, i can't see us really wanting anyone from real but i don't think we need a quick finisher which I feel rvp, eduardo and vela are (not forgetting arshavins finishing). a forward would be nice but our most pressing requirements, as i said before, remain a combative midfielder and a defender.

zeyd said...

Ahh another gem:

'in case you haven't noticed, football management is based more on potential than on pointless historical analyses.'

Football management is based on potential eh?

Gotta love the Wenger effect. Good luck with the kids. Oh and of course your long shots.

and another:

'on your basis we would be buying ronaldinho, the other ronaldo and heck knows who else. (they were sooooo amazing back in....)'

Fantastic comparisons, really. Except, of course, that Ronaldinho came back as a fat fuck who shuffled around aimlessly. He's lost about 10 kilos now though; I reckon he'll have a good season with AC.

And Ronaldo, another fat fuck who's 32? Surely you could come up with better examples? And that too, proceeding the top heavy assertions.

I think it's obvious Le Arse need a combative defensive midfielder who's proven at the highest level, not another kid who'll take ages to develop. But hey, it's all about potential for the gooners...and your cute little Eduardos and Velas.

Get off the crack dude.

nikhil said...

zeyd, huntelaar is available for under 20m euros...not sure where you get the 30m number from.

de rossi has been linked with arsenal for months. i, personally, would love to see that happen, but i'm not going to hold my breath.

it's more likely we'll get chamakh or kalou, and perhaps another CB...our defensive midfield need seems to be Arsene's blindspot.

Lastly, AKS, while Ahsan has always maintained that you're a staunch Arsenal follower, your 4-4-2 assertion has raised some serious doubts on the validity of Choot's claims. Arsene's been playing 4-3-3 throughout preseason...get your shit together, boss.

nikhil said...

also, bendtner's going to have a solid season - 15 goals at least.

you heard it here first.

AKS said...

Made a boo boo there that's for sure. Its what happens when you forget to watch the Barnet and Szojaidjaksjdoaijdo games and assume that when Wenger says he's going to shake up the formation he means going back to 4-4-2.

Apologies for that.

Coming back to the team, looks like Vieira wont be coming, Chamakh should sign though. I'm surprised, and worried, that there's been no recent news on Arsenal going in for a defensive midfielder or defender; perhaps they're just really good at keeping things quiet but I'd take baseless rumours right now.

Rohith said...

Another comeback "kid"

Quite a while since i heard his name...