Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Excerpt Of The Day

You've got to love those Nazis. This passage is from Stathis Kalyvas' The Logic of Violence in Civil War. In this instance, he is discussing the perils of thinking that you will escape violence in a civil war simply because you are ideologically/ethnically/religiously affiliated with the people in control in your area.
Consider the following example from occupied Italy in 1944: a man from Neviano Arduini, a province of Parma, was waiting for the Germans at his front door. "He was a Fascist, so he welcomed them, when he saw them. They ordered him to show his documents, he got in and came out with his identity card in one hand. He was hardly out, when he was shot in the head and killed. Just so, in front of his children. Then they ordered his wife to cook some eggs and ate them, right there, with the corpse lying on the ground" (Minardi 2002: 6).