Friday, July 10, 2009

I'm Back, What'd I Miss?

I love vacations. One week of pretending your real life, responsibilities, and work don't exist. A big thank you to Nikhil, Naqiya/Abbas, and Rishad for some great hospitality. Back to the grind, I guess.

So this is what happened in the last seven days:

1. We outdid ourselves with our abject batting on day 4 against Sri Lanka. I mean, truly outstanding. This was a classical Pakistan performance -- only we can lose a test we dominated for three out of three and a half days. Bravo. Kudos. And speaking of kudos, Farooq has a brutal take-down of Salman Butt. Don't read it if you're related to him.

2. I finally found the time to read that Vanity Fair piece on Sarah Palin that has probably had more impact as a single story in the shortest amount of time than I can remember for any other political story. Oh, man, was that a great half an hour of reading or what. She'll be back, by the way.

3. Among other things, the VF piece has meant some Republican heavyweights are taking aim at each other. This is a must-read story on their civil war over...leaks. Seriously, you need to read it.

4. This highly entertaining book review by Malcolm Gladwell is probably one of those occasions where the review is better reading than the book. It's about the information age and the price of internet content; specifically, it's about the concept of "Free".

Regular blogging resumes tomorrow or on the weekend.


snikometer said...

As a Pakistani, there's a certain schandenfreude in seeing Palin do well in America. Despite the left's best efforts, you're right, she'll be back. And when that day comes, I won't feel so bad about Rehman Malik (the same way Rush Limbaugh makes me feel better about Zaid Hamid).

But shit man, that VF article was a kick in the nuts for the poor girl.

Anonymous said...

Haha this Salman Butt letter is HILARIOUS!

Aasim said...

I cant help but comment on Salman Butt. First of all, i might smash my computer screen if he is picked for the second test. He is the only opener who has been given a semi permnanet spot for over 5 years now and what has he given in return? a test average of 28? fucking 28! The only time i remember him scoring was that one series in Australia and as Farooq pointed out every dog has his day. I think it was the comment by Ricky Ponting then, that Salman Butt is one for the future that the selectors hold in great regard.
Yasir Hameed scroed in that series too and if i am not mistaken he averages over 40 in tests. Yes he falls over too much and Kumble can probably get him lbw bowling left handed but atleast he has a range of shots that doesnt end with "from gully to cover".
And what the fuck has poor fawad alam done to not get games in t20, one dayers or tests. In recent memory, this guy has topped domestic batting for a while now and is the only person who can actually field.
Long story short, Salman Butt is a chootiya and please for the love of God play Fawad Alam in the second test!

Farooq said...


I hope to God they do chose Fawad Alam for the next test.

I just hope they stick with Alam despite any initial faliures. Im worried they might promote him to the openers role, which would be really unfair on him. Finally he gets a chance in the side and he's thrown in at the deep end against the new ball. Although he does strike me as the kind of guy who can cope with that sort of pressure. Man I hope they dont go with Faisal Iqbal. That chut is on easy street: for some reason he's considered a middle order specialist and gets to bat safely under our best players. YET he regularly fails.

If Alam is picked, I wonder if it'll be as an opener.

Ahsan said...

Malik to open, Fawad in the middle. Should be ok against their pace attack and on those pitches. Can't be worse than Butt, Malik.