Thursday, July 30, 2009

Learn Masturbation Etiquette With Silvio Berlusconi

The polite and sagely Italian Prime Minister post coital advise to Ms. Patrizia D'Addario.

Ms. D'Addario asks:

"You know how long it is since I had sex the way I had it with you tonight? Months. Not since I left my man. Is [that] normal?"

Silvio replies:

"If I may, you ought to have sex by yourself. You ought to touch yourself with a certain frequency."

The original recording can be heard here.

Ms. D'Addario and 19 other escorts had been invited to (well, paid to attend) a dinner with Berlusconi, who upon meeting the young women humbly asked if they were interested in getting a going on TV, entering politics, or appearing on Big Brother. I'm sure he was just engaging them in a conversation and asking them about their goals and ambitions, as any gentleman would.


FZ said...

umm Berlusconi can go fuck himself....

hee hee


saesneg said...

What a wanker....

Oh its bin done.

Ahsan said...

I'm amazed that this dude is still in power. What the fuck does he have to do to actually step down/be forced out?