Saturday, July 18, 2009

Links For The Weekend

It's been a long time since I had a links post. Let's get right into it.

This was a really interesting article in the Washington Post a few days ago on the crazy hours that White House staffers keep. Whatever we may say about leaders and politicians, one thing we should note is that politics is really, really hard. I know I can't function very well if I get less than seven hours of sleep two nights in a row. You read this piece and I guarantee you'll have a greater appreciation for what these people do. Doesn't mean you have to like them or support their policies, mind.

Courtesy reader Karachi Khatmal in comments, this has to be the most amazing thing ever. It's a bunch of clips from Barack Obama's book (the audio version). Curse words never sounded more awesome. Please check it out.

According to Hamas, Israel is supplying the Gaza strip with chewing gum that boosts sex drive, in order to corrupt Palestinian youth.

I had a post planned on this whole abolition-of-local-government issue, but then I got lazy/sidetracked. I will instead outsource it to Saesneg and Mosharraf. Make sure to read the comment of one Al Kazan on Mosharraf's piece.

Technological glitch + this story = too much irony for any one person to handle.

Courtesy Naqiya, check out this brilliant segment featuring Rachel Maddow and Pat Buchanan. Classic stuff, really.

A great Joy-of-Six piece in the Guardian, featuring great team goals. Some fantastic clips there, and make sure to check out some of the comments too. Somewhat inexplicably, the list featured neither this Argentina goal from the 2006 World Cup...

...nor this Barcelona goal against Liverpool. Barca basically kept the ball for a full four minutes before Overmars was released.

A great little passage from Milan Kundera, probably my favorite fiction writer, on history/historiography. On the basis of this, he would make an excellent interpretivist.

Glenn Greenwald has an excellent piece on the hypocrisy of the mainstream media in their celebrations and commemorations of Walter Cronkite's life.

Many of you might have already seen this, but in case you haven't, here's a Hillary Clinton interview with Dawn right before her India trip. What's with Dawn and these major interviews? Dial it back a notch, will you guys?

Courtesy Farooq, please check out the only two people quoted in this Times of India article on our government's Cyber Crime Act. This can only mean one thing: Fatima Bhutto is in love with me, wanted to see our names together, and arranged for this by calling up her peeps at the ToI. Listen up, Fatima: I'm spoken for, ok? Just back off already.

What the hell is an e-cigarette? More importantly, who in their right mind will ever say the following: "You know, I've just had two chicken tikkas from BBQ Tonite with 3 parathas. You know what will really polish this meal off the right way? No, no, not a Benson. An e-cigarette." By the way, for the kids out there, smoking is bad. Don't do it. For the adults out there, yes, I know: I shouldn't lie to kids.

Those Obama-isn't-an-American-citizen rumors from the nutjob right have really stepped up now. A soldier to be deployed to Afghanistan refused to go, on account of the "fact" that Obama is not his commander in chief, since he's not President, since he's not American. Please read this World Net Daily (fringe right-wingers) article and note (a) the triumphant tone, and (b) the creepy advertisements.

An interesting poll: 37% of Indians expect Asif Zardari to do the right thing in world affairs. Is it a good or bad thing that he inspires greater confidence in India than in Pakistan?

Alright, back to work for me. Have a good weekend guys.


JJY said...

I'm shocked the Argentina goal wasn't on there. Shocked.

In the second one's case, i feel like the final ball was too direct for it to be in the same category as the first, even though the possession football before that was fantastic.

bubs said...

I tried the e-cigarette in my never-ending quest to quit smoking. They're available at Aghas and bloody expensive. That it emits smoke is kind of cool but it doesn't feel like holding a cigarette. Any one wanting to quit would be better off with a patch.

Sputnik said...

First congrats on the mention in the Times of India. Second, I'm actually kind of intrigued by the e-cigarette thing... But, at least for me, it's not actually the nicotine but the act of smoking that is enjoyable. I just don't see why they can't invent something for you to smoke that won't kill you?

Ahsan said...

They have. It's called weed.

Aunty Disco said...

Let me guess...Burney and Kabir will fulfill your need?

Anonymous said...

fyi, if you already didnt know, Nicholas Schmidle is probably reading your blog as well. The review you wrote for his book is listed under the reviews section:

btw, after reading the review, I picked up the book and found it really interesting. I think you should come up with a list of top reads on the issues relating to pakistan

Ahsan said...


Wow. I don't believe you remember that. Kudos.


Thanks. Don't think NS reads the blog; the review is up there because I sent it to him (as a way to tell him I appreciated the book) and I guess he put it up.