Monday, July 06, 2009

Monday Links

Due to a variety of reasons, the Wimbledon final being one of them, I am too exhausted to post a proper post tonight. Here are a bunch of links to stuff I wanted to write about but didn't because of my laziness.

If there is one thing more annoying than 'Pakistan is full of terrorists 'stories then it is 'Look, here are some non-terrorist Pakistanis' stories. Go here to be annoyed.

Saba Imtiaz picks out some of the strangest quotes from an interview Zardari gave to the Daily Telegraph. This is some funny shit.

Jack Hitt describes how a true writer goes about his work.

You know that time you were at Okra and the salmon tasted a little off and you were too scared to complain because it was such a fancy restaurant? Well, here's how you should have gone about returning the salmon.

Robert McNamara, the architect (if you can call someone who blundered so much an architect) of the Vietnam War died today. He tried to redeem himself as president of the World Bank, and did a much better job of it than that other war-monger who also went to the World Bank. To understand the complexity of the man, you must watch Errol Morris' The Fog of War.

Even after a week, it's all MJ, all the time. I'm going to contribute to the deluge by pointing to this story showing the tackiness of his family.

You know how annoying Joe the Plumber is? Even God told him to fuck off.

And finally the Sonny and Cher of the subcontinent write a saccharine ballad solving that pesky Indo-Pak problem.


Anonymous said...

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Asfandyar said...

^ looks like some spam got through the filter.

Everyone's come across like such a tool in that 'underground partying scene' piece, hahahahaha.

Khizzy said...

all i can say is THANK YOU for pointing out the annoying factor in the 'partying in karachi' video.
i saw it just the other day, and it did nothing but irritate me.
it started out refreshing where the RJ talks about the media only projecting the bad stuff, and the youth doing their own thing... which i assumed would lead into the gigs, the open mic nights, the exhibitions, the sometimes rallies, and stuff like kara and shanaakht.
what i actually saw was sort of cringe worthy. While it did not make pakistani youth out to be didnt do anything positive for the image either.

bubs said...

And here I was thinking everyone would ignore the sex, drugs and partying video and we would have a discussion on Errol Morris' film-making techniques.

Asfandyar said...

Errol Morris is rather interesting. I've only seen Fog of War though, none of his other work. He made McNamara work though - to some extent anyway. The wily bastard was still able to dodge a couple hahaha.

Anonymous said...

"its not for the masses"

"can i say these things??"

"its like new york's meatpacking district"

"we have a guard, so its not too bad. he has a gun"

Naqiya said...

I almost threw up after reading the "sonny and cher" piece. its like they were transported to california in the 1960s, smoked some pot, popped some E and sang kumbaya while these "ideas" on how to fix the problem came to them as divine spiritual revelations...

Anonymous said...

Thats Huma Imtiaz in the first annoying video, right? :P

bubs said...

Asfandyar: You should immediately buy or rent every thing Errol Morris has ever made. He doesn't have a single bad documentary.

Anon 126: "Can I say these things?" was also my favourite line.

Naqiya: I would love to know what the combined effect of smoking pot and popping E is. Anyone care to try and report back? If you come out of it alive, that is.

Anon 509: I wouldn't know but I hope it is because it would be ironic that I'd linked to her sister's post right after it.

Naqiya said...

oops! anon126 was me. sorry!

as for pot + E = you'll not only be plenty alive, you'll also be horny as fuck, from what i saw in college. my school was still stuck in the 60s in many ways, and people went crazy with drugs prettyyy regularly