Thursday, July 23, 2009

Poll Post

You can comment on this week's poll here, if you so desire.

Remember, I'm not asking whose show is funnier. I'm simply asking which person is funnier. There's a distinction there.


dudelove said...

colbert seems the smarter guy. but smarter guys' jokes are understood fewer which makes stewart funnier.

Ahsan said...

I disagree in that I think Stewart is more intelligent. I think Colbert has a *quicker* wit, but I think Stewart's a funnier guy.

Actually, now that I typed that out, I don't know if I actually believe it. I've really started liking Colbert in the last six months or so. It's a tough one.

bubs said...

I voted Colbert although I think The Daily Show is a better show. What makes The Daily Show better are the correspondents, the guy who finds the video clips and Jon Stewart's interviewing skills. Colbert is just flat out hilarious. I would recommend everyone watch Strangers With Candy for Colbert's portrayal of a closeted teacher. Also be sure to check The Daily Show website for clips of the "Even Steven" which had Steve Carrel and Colbert arguing.

Yeshua (not that one) said...

I think Stewart's humor is smarter but the persona that Colbert has created is much funnier. I found I am America and So Can You much funnier than Naked Pictures of Famous People or America (The Book).

Sputnik said...

I think Colbert is the funnier comedian, but that the Daily Show is the funnier show. I think both are incredibly witty, as evidenced by Stewart's performance on Crossfire or 80% of Colbert's interviews.

To comment on the question you didn't ask, however, The Daily Show is funnier because it has a wider range of possibilities given the interviews, correspondents, etc. I love Colbert's persona, but it makes the jokes a little predictable after awhile.

Musaafir said...

Funny is just one part of Jon. He is the smartest man I have seen on TV yet. He is not only intelligent, funny, compassionate and a man with a golden heart who doesn't care who he offends but he always tries to say the truth. How many people can we say the same things about on TV? Just today on MSNBC he was voted the person people trust the most after Walter Cronkite's death. I think he is a better human being than most people I know. And believe me, I know lots of different kinds of people.

Farooq said...

I think I'M the funniest. Check out some of my material.

So Zardari, Obama and Manmoan Singh walk into a bar, right?
They have their drinks and the cheque comes to like $4 per person.
Manmoan pays his share.
Obama pays his part.
Zardari says: "Hey Barack, can you lend me a fiver?"


Get it? IUts funny AND topical since Zardari is full begging the US for money these days.


Ahsan said...

*crickets chirping*

Anonymous said...

Farooq please, that was pathetic

Anam said...

I don't know...I voted Colbert. I feel like "quick wit" is the new, better funny. Regular style isn't as entertaining anymore

karachi khatmal said...

jon stewart seems to have started buying into the serious journalist role a little bit.

that show with the kramer guy was more hardtalk, less funny show.

plus colbert is ALWAYS in character. amazing