Friday, July 03, 2009

Who is Jinnah's Great Grandson? UPDATED The Guy is Probably a Fake

Since Rs 5 has some of the smartest readers around, I'm going to rely on you guys to figure something out.

Who the fuck is Aslam Jinnah?

The guy is claiming to be Mohammed Ali Jinnah's great grandson and is getting Rs 50,000 a month, a car and a house from the government. He may well be Jinnah's great grandson, in which I apologize for suspecting his motives.

But Jinnah had only one daughter, Dina Wadia, whom he disowned after she married Parsi Neville Wadia. I searched Wikipedia and found that Dina had one son, Nusli Wadia, who, in turn, has two sons, Ness Wadia and Jeh Wadia.

So Aslam Jinnah is obviously not directly Jinnah's great grandson. But extended family means a lot in Pakistan and he could be the great grandchild of one of Jinnah's sisters (he had no brothers). In which case, Aslam has obviously followed the Bilawal model of adopting a more politically benefical surname. Either that or he's pulled off a great scam and shown, yet again, how stupid the government is.

So I ask you guys once again: Who the fuck is Aslam Jinnah?

UPDATE: So, I should have been more assiduous in my Googling. Looks like the guy is faking it. A pretty daring and inventive stunt, if you ask me. Hats off to you, Mr Aslam Jinnah (or whatever your real name is). You deserve the car and house for your cojones.


Meher said...

I remember reading somewhere that Muhammad Ali Jinnah had at least one brother who reached adulthood -- Ahmad Ali Jinnah!

Anonymous said...

Jinnah's grand son is Mr. Nusli Neville Wadia, famous Indian industrialist and Jinnah's great grandsons are Jeh wadia and Ness Wadia who is also famous as boyfriend of popular Bollywood actress Preity Zinta.

Anonymous said...

Well,for me its a stunt manufactured by our Jiyali Government,they have nothing good to offer to the people that is,and that stunt was executed in tandom with the PETROL BUMB-----What you say?

Haris Gulzar said...

I havent googled or anything but it doesnt seem possible to use such a name that can be questioned by everyone. I mean, why would someone use the name of Jinnah, claim to be his great grandson without even having any proof.

Not sure if any of Mohd. Ali Jinnah's brothers had any children or not, but that very well might be the case...

Bystander said...

This guy Aslam Jinnah is a hoax for sure. He is obviously not a direct descendent and hence he should clearly state how is he related to Mr. Jinnah, if at all he is.

On reaching Islamabad, he showered praise on late Mohtarma that was too politically correct to have any meaning.

He may have been related to Jinnah's uncles family, as suggested by Mr. Liaqat Merchant who is more closely related to Quaid. But if this man Aslam was sincere, he wouldve definitely clarified and informed how is he connected.

Lastly, if he is related closely enough to qualify calling himself great grand son, how come Liaqat Merchant is not aware of him and doesnt know him?

Liaqat Merchant is most definitely related to Jinnah being his siters grandson. By virtue of this, he is on good terms with Mrs. Wadia and her family in India.

Minerva said...

About 5 years ago I interviewed a guy for a cable channel who also claimed to be Jinnah's grandson and lived in quite a sorry state. He claimed he was Jinnah's mother's sister's grandson, technically not a direct descendant but a blood-descendant nonetheless. His son was shot in an open gunfire by the Karachi police against a thug. He claimed his son was out to get parathas and got shot while the police wanted to kill a dacoit. Later he claimed that even though the police and the home ministry had promised him reimbursement (he was the only earning member) there was none.

Ironically I did this interview with him on 23rd March.

I don't know if this guy was fake or if that guy was fake or who's claiming what to Jinnah ... it's completely mind-boggling to see that we let Asif Zardari be President and call to question the descendants of Jinnah.

Fake or not, if Zardari can be president, maybe "Aslam Jinnah" can get a car too.

Maybe that's saying something about our people.

Bystander said...

I dont have any issue with Aslam Jinnah getting car or anything else but I do have a problem with him befooling the nation in the name of jinnah. With regards to Zardari,

a)he has received (and continue to receive) much more severe and frequent criticism than aslam jinnah (and rightly so) and

b)two wrongs dont make a right

If we can rightfully criticize president, PM, CM, MNAs, ministers etc... why cant we criticize a man who suddenly comes out of nowhere, makes a questionable claim and gets not just monetary benefits, but also standing applause in parliament and state appreciation/ recognition... what a nation! im sure jinnah would be cursing and regretting...

bubs said...

Meher: I erred in saying Jinnah had no brothers. He, of course, had four brothers. What I meant to say was that his brothers had no children. But that, too, was wrong. Ahmed Ali Jinnah had one daughter, who is living in Switzerland. But, again, her grandson, if she has one, shouldn't have the Jinnah surname.

Anon543: When the government messes up, stupidity is usually more likely than any sinister explanation.

Haris Gulzar: See my reply to Meher. Only one of Jinnah's brothers had a child and it was a girl.

Bystander: I admire Aslam Jinnah for this stunt. It shows creativity. But the government is full of bloody fools for falling for it.

Minerva said...

And what I'm saying is that maybe we should be worried about the millions that are given in foreign aid to Pakistan that are being usurped by our Mr. President - instead of worrying about Aslam Jinnah.

For the love of God. Doesn't this only show we like fireworks more than actual problems?

I'm not saying it's justified but think about the nation's priorities. This isn't just Aslam Jinnah. Millions of rupees are washed down the throats of corrupt MNAs and MPAs sons and daughters - not to mention worthy bureaucrats who enjoy public service money benefits in the name of personal pleasure - and you're worried about this guy?

Can we please regroup and refocus? Because I think we've forgotten how Zardari became president.

PakSpotter said...

The question isnt whether or not he's Jinnahs grandson. The REAL question is who gives a fuck if he's Jinnahs grandson?

Just because someone's the descendant of someone does not entitile them to handouts from the government. Fuck him. Fuck his last name. There are millions of other poor people in our country that have no last name to cling to. If we dont give a hoot about them, we shouldnt give a hoot about Aslam.