Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Blog Recommendations

Three recommendations for you guys today.

Since the football season is set to begin, the Barca fans out there should check out The Offside: Barcelona blog as well as the Barca Transfer Zone. I've been reading the former for quite a while and recently started reading the latter. They're both excellent, check 'em out. Also, the Offside blog has a bunch of links to other team blogs run on a similar basis (i.e. The Offside: Real Madrid or The Offside: Chelsea or whatever), so if you're a fan of some other team (in any league), you should follow the link and you'll find where you need to go.

On the U.S. politics side, you guys should check out Ezra Klein. He's very wonkish (the type of person who reads think tank reports for fun) and has a very clear way of presenting complicated policy ideas. He's been particularly useful for me during this whole healthcare debate.

All three are being added to the blogroll on the right.

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