Saturday, August 15, 2009

Israel Launches Airstrike on Swine Flu

I'm not even kidding. Israel really does need to develop some other solutions to its serious problems.

I would also like to point out the contemporary impossibility of getting a PIA plane filled entirely with wailing and screaming imams and mullahs, to fly over Pakistan. Primarily because the Americans are currently likely to shoot it down.

The Rabbi going nuts on the phone is the best. Also a big fat shout out to S for the link.


kopf-schmairtsen said...

Am I the only one who finds this endearing?

Purely Narcotic said...

Also one rabbi seems to have fallen asleep.

kiran said...

No. Im kind of with you on that.

@Purely Narcotic

Hahah i did not even notice. Thats pretty impressive on his part given the dude to his left.

Iyeeji said...

...I would love to have a shot of our green tubaned dudes and mullahs try this out to ward of ALL evils (: and we can save up on fuel by getting all the mullahs to eat chaanas and we can fly on literally on gas(horse)power (: