Thursday, August 20, 2009

Links For Thursday

Damn, it's been a long time since I had a links post. Let's jump right into it.

I don't know if this is a good measure of the validity of the Afghan election, but Britney Spears is voting in it. According to records.

Did you know that women cry for 16 months of their lives? The rumors that it would actually be a round fifteen if Titanic had never been released are, sadly, untrue.

I don't know if this video is based on truth or fiction, but either way, it's bloody hilarious. I'm inclined to believe the story is untrue because I refuse to believe anyone can voluntarily go two weeks without checking email.

Mark Cuban has a brilliant post pillorying some poor sod who had the audacity to email him with a bad business plan.

I don't know what Niall Ferguson is thinking. So I definitely have one thing in common with Paul Krugman and James Fallows. One of the sillier e-controversies around, but then again, wouldn't the internet collapse under its own weight without silliness to hold it up?

Stephen Walt criticizes Obama for arguing that the U.S. presence in Afghanistan is crucial for its security because, in Obama's words, denying al-Qaeda a safe haven is a worthy cause to for a war. For two dissenting views directly attacking Walt's views, go here and here. Yglesias jumps in too.

A super informative post by Arif on where the war against the Taliban stands right now. The synopsis is: like everything else, practice makes you better. Pakistan has been fighting this war for over five years now. It appears that the military is finally making headway.

The Guardian is reporting that Cesc Fabregas is set to become a "pawn" in next year's election for Barcelona president. Honestly, this is one of the more unseemly aspects of the game in Spain. Elections are great, but when candidates start promising certain players or certain things -- I don't know, it doesn't seem right. If you get the guy you promised, it still looks unseemly. If you don't get the guy you promised, you look really stupid, as does the club. Anyway, this may well be much ado about nothing; I can't see Cesc not coming to Barca next summer, at the latest. It's time.

What. The. Fuck? Next month's "Entertainment Weekly" will feature a video ad in the magazine. Read that again.

If you ever need proof that Azerbaijan's National Security Ministry has no actual problems, please read this story. I'd try to summarize it, but honestly, I don't have the heart. Just please read it. I'd take the ISI over those idiots any day.

Amit Varma wishes that a hue and cry was raised every time the immigration staff at US airports treat brown people disrespectfully, not just when celebrities are treated disrespectfully. Hear, hear. This Shahrukh Khan story has been super interesting in one way -- I've had a very wide range of people ask me for my opinion on this: from Jewish political theorists at Chicago to middle aged women in the W's family. Seriously. And please check out the Daily Show's segment on this. I never thought I'd hear the word "madarchod" on American television, but there you go:

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Finally, kudos to the Obama administration for meeting with and talking to all the stakeholders in Pakistani politics -- including the religious parties. Also, the last two sentences of the story I just linked to made me laugh out loud.


takhalus said...

ahsan did you get my e mail?

zeyd said...

That youtube clip was hilarious. Can totally see chicks freaking out over shit like that.

On Cesc, I don't think he'll go next summer. He'll arrive when the time is right, i.e. to take over from Xavi. That's a few more seasons down the line.

Annie said...

Hilarious stuff.

a personal story, which is relevant to "Azeri out of tune with Eurovision vote for Armenia"

I met an Indian couple, last year while I was taking Salsa classes. Me and Priya, hit it off immediately and started hanging out. They would kid about how one day I was gonna get in trouble with the ISI but I obviously brushed it off as I didn’t see anything wrong with me being friends with them… I would also stand up for ISI and say that our army wasn’t that bad.. Little did I know.

It started with them stopping me on the road-side late at nightv once. They questioned me, right then and there for around 45 minutes. After that they sent people over to question my family and also did a back ground check at work. I was also given the “How can you be friends with them just like that”, “what do you guys talk about”, “you should be careful who you mix with” etc etc …

So yeah, ISI aint that sweet either 

nikhil said...

you lying bastard, you said you'd stop the cesc to barca bullshit, and yet, here you are, in broad daylight, going on about it. i'm going to punch you the next time i see you.

if wenger leaves at the end of his contract, in two years, then cesc will leave then too. if wenger stays, then i see cesc staying till 2012 (another year, basically).

this is all, of course, contingent on us actually challenging for silverware this season and the next.

also, fuck you for bringing this up again. seriously. fuck you.

on an entirely unrelated note, i'm 100% certain messi will have another fabulous, completely injury free season, and that barca will win EVERYTHING.

no really, it's a foregone conclusion. you should just start celebrating now.

Ahsan said...


Nope. Did you send it to my email address or the blog's? Either way, I didn't get it.


I used to think that too, but I don't think it anymore. Especially if Barca don't win the title this season. The squad is very light -- there are only about 18 or so players that Pep really trusts -- and the team needs more central midfielders.


What a great story.


Whatever dude. Your bit is getting tiring. It's not my fault if Cesc keeps playing footsie with Barca and the papers end up talking about it (especially the Catalan press). And try jinxing FCB all you want -- I KNOW that there will never be another season like last year. But you know what? I'm ok with that. I'm satisfied. You and your kiddy porn team -- to use Zeyd's phrase -- are obviously not. Too bad.

Anonymous said...


Living in Pakistan, stories like that are not uncommon. I am sure Pakistanis in India would face the same scrutiny that Indians in Pakistan face. Its a natural part of two hostile neighbors. One question though, how do you know that the men questioning you on the side of the road were indeed ISI officials? Theres several other intelligence agencies in Pakistan, and personally to me it seems odd for the ISI to depute men for something like that. Just a thought. I could be wrong..

Anonymous said...

ahsan, when do you find time to work?

Ahsan said...


Haha. I tend to blog only for about half an hour or so before going to bed. As for all the stuff I read, come on, everyone procrasinates and wastes time by surfing the net!

JJY said...

Your face is tiring.

Minerva said...

16 months is really less, you know.

karachi khatmal said...

i just went two weeks without voluntarily checking my e-mail... of course it was cuz i was getting married. :)

ps whats with the random chinese commnts on some posts?

Ahsan said...

Congrats KK, both to you and the missus. I was wondering where the hell you'd run off to -- perhaps to hunt down Mr. Hahaha?

The Chinese comments are spam, which I try to delete whenever I see them. It's bloody annoying. I'm getting very tired of blogger waisay. I think a shift to wordpress or our own domain might be in the offing if this continues.