Sunday, August 16, 2009

Oh, It's ON Now

Barack Obama is taking his fight on healthcare reform all the way to the NYT's op-ed page.


Anonymous said...

At the footnote of the article is this :-

"Barack Obama is the president of the United States."

Yea , we dint know

takhalus said...

preaching to the converted?

Minerva said...

LOLMAO @ the footnote. I didn't see anon's comment but that was the real clicker of the article.

As far as HCR is concerned, it's going to be one tough ride for Obama and I'll be one impressed person at least (though THAT obviously won't matter) with the guy if he manages to silence his opponents with a victory.

Or at least change their speeches into ones of bitter loss yet again.

Anonymous said...

I was really not impressed with the article, not bcos what was said; instead what wasnt. Krugman specifically elicits what was required in the following article

So what was needed was point by point rebuttal of the republican tantrums; but instead what was served were the most obvious points in favor of healthcare reform. Now, one may say, the oppn to HCR has been so rubbish and dumb its not worth rebutting. But once you know that your primary opposition is as dumb as that but at the same time has huge amount of exposure in mainstream media, you better recognise this and expose it for what it is, before it gains any traction. So instead of this rather impersonal article, Obama could very well have used his persona in a one-on-one (or rather one against a selected few) with the opposition and put them to shame over the idiocy of the arguments they make and maybe even, with a bit of wit, reply to all the personal vendetta targetted against him. A clearcut message is the need of the hour when the opponent is as stubborn as that.