Monday, August 10, 2009

Quote Of The Day

Repeat quote-of-the-day award winner Jose Mourinho graces us once more, after Lazio beat his Inter side in a preseason friendly in China.
Lazio have the joy of winning, and we have the tranquility of having a team and a future.

Has this man ever lost graciously? Seriously -- has it ever happened?

I have to say, I sort of miss having Mourinho be part of my life. I mean, can you imagine the fall-out from last season's Champions League semi-final between Barcelona and Chelsea if Mourinho was still manager of Chelsea? I'm pretty sure Ballack's and Drogba's reactions would have paled in comparison to Mourinho's. Seriously, what do you think would have happened?


Saim said...

I'll tell you what would have happened...

Chelsea would have won, and Utd would have been Champions of Europe :p

Ahsan said...

Hahaha. That's not what I meant Saim, and you know it.

Also, fat chance.

Ali K. said...

He would have whined like a bitch. The goal by Rocchi was fantastic well worth a watch. Its telling that Inters most creative midfielder on the night was 18 year old forward Balotelli in a subs role even despite Inter dominating posession for most of the game.

zeyd said...

For one, I doubt JM would have even been on the pitch for the equalizer; he would have been sent packing way before after having KILLED the 4th official on the sideline.

Imagine his reaction to all those penalties denied. Guus shrugged and waved his hands, I really think Jose would have stormed onto the pitch.

Damn I miss him.

nikhil said...

saim beat me to my post...well done, sir.