Monday, September 14, 2009

Does It Even Matter If Roger Federer Wins The U.S. Open Tomorrow?

After this shot? I say no. He, and everyone who saw it, can die happy.

Djokovic's reaction was priceless. Not as good as Roddick throwing his racket at Federer, but up there nonetheless.

UPDATE: Here's a better clip, because it has his interview following the match. The interesting thing about Federer is that he is one of those superlative athletes that is still sheepish and sort-of-awed by his own brilliance, which really comes through when you hear him talk about that shot. The only guy as good at what he does that I've ever seen is Michael Jordan, who had a very different disposition. With Michael, he always talked about himself and his excellence in a "that ain't nothing, I do it all the time" manner. With Federer, you get the impression that he impresses himself at times.


Razz said...

Awesome! I almost feel bad for Djokovic. He's such a good player but always runs into Federer or Nadal on his way to the final. It was a great match though

Ahsan said...

Yeah Djokovic played well, but played the big points badly. To be fair, the guy is one of the world's best at what he does, and didn't even play badly, and yet lost in straight sets. I mean...what can you say?

zeyd said...

Does Del Potro have a chance? Or will he do a (the dude who bent over in the French open final) and just be happy to be there?

On another note, I was watching some of the Agassi/Federer matchups in previous US opens, and god damn, Federer had to raise his game. There were points and games and even sets were Agassi would just plain outhit and outplay Federer. And this is the Fed of 05/06, who was quite a bit better than the current Fed.

Two conclusions, I guess:

1) The level of opposition has deteriorated.

2) Damn I miss Agassi. Along with MJ he was my original hero.

zeyd said...

Oh yeah, forgot to mention, that he was up against a 35 year old Agassi.

Just think about that: a 35 year old outhitting and outplaying (in sets, if not entire matches) the best player ever in his prime.


Ahsan said...


On del Potro, I think he does have a chance. The comparison people are going for is the Safin-Sampras final in 2000, where another outrageously talented big hitter was coming up against a veteran who had sailed through the draw, and then proceeded to smoke him. I don't think del Potro should be underestimated, but I do think Federer will prove too good. His slice will be very important tomorrow, b/c of del Potro's height, as will his defensive ability. I say Fed in four.

On Agassi, I know exactly which match you're talking about. It was the 05 final of the US Open. I remember watching it, amazed at Agassi (who had played his semi the previous day) but also well aware that Federer always had it in his grasp. That was Federer at the true height of his powers. Any time someone upped their game -- and Agassi truly upped his game that day -- he would respond, and set the bar out of reach. What a champion.

F-Machine said...

Uh GUESS who was at the '05 final live in person.. that's right.. me

Sana said...

Let's go Delpo!

Indophile said...

Great,Federer took your advise and decided against winning the finals !! good work