Monday, September 07, 2009

Headline Of The Day

From the NYT:

Sudan Fines Woman Who Wore Pants


Anonymous said...

Soon that will happen in all Islamic states.

Jman said...

cool, about time.
now next on the agenda. how mobile phones are corrupting our youth. and they at nights.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you ever post news such as the above instead of only ever portraying Muslims as doing silly things? You all are shameless people with no identity. Try and be one of them all you want they will never accept you.

Annie said...

Yeah, I second Mr Anon!

you shameless people with no identity. you die. you so bad.. almost like very bad!!!

Shame on you ...*cyber thu thu*

Shayan said...

*cyber thu thu*. haha

i beg you please stop persecuting muslims. we have seen through this jewish-feminist conspiracy to infiltrate our households and emasculate our upright muslim men by convincing women to wear pants.

*cyber laanat*

ali said...

To give mr. Anon 3:16 his due ... He does have a point. The news blurb about Sudan was front page news everywhere. And therefore did not require reposting.( unless of course you have something to add to it)

I hadn't heard anything about the absurdity of the 3 year jail sentence for expressing a point of view!

Ahsan said...

Oh for the love of God. Chill out, will you people? I was posting something which I thought was hilarious based on the self-evident tone of the headline. If you didn't find it funny, fair enough. But please relax.

ali said...

yeah. i didnt think it was funny.

on the other hand...this little outburst of yours was hilarious.

i love fiverupees. :)

Annie said...

you think this funny? How you think this funny? This not funny? you are funny!!!

God will give you case of funnies and you shall know what is funny!!!

*complete Urdu debating istyle talking*

Annie said...

On a more serious note, your outburst was sorta funny...

I heart fiverupees too *meek smiley*

Anonymous said...

'Oh for the love of God' Ahsan?

please, i don't think i've ever come across blogs by someone who loves himself and spites God so much.

self-hating muslims - gotta love 'em.

adeel said...

*cyber thu thu*

*cyber laanat*

... Hahaha FTW!!

Did any of you guys read the piece about the Israeli army subscribing to the services of rabbis. So they can tilt God's hand in favour of the Jooz (fulltime mullah style).

And then there's the big bad Taliban themselves asking UN to investigate human right violations over the recent NATO strike that blew up an oil tanker.

What is the world coming to?

FZ said...

wow "spiting God"?...where the hell are these loonies coming from...and "self-hating Muslims" got to love that...reminds me of the right-wing part of another religion...but by all means continue, this is very amusing

anoop said...

There is a lot of sarcasm in this forum. Really hard to distinguish sometimes! lol..