Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Poll Post

You can comment on this week's poll here, if you so desire. And yes, it was deliberately designed to be the complete opposite of the Facebook quiz.


MK said...

You left out the 'none, they were all douchebags' option.

Ahsan said...


Haha, I was going to give a "none of the above" option but then I realized everyone would click that, and it would a very boring poll.

I'm actually very surprised at how well ZAB is holding up in this poll. People clearly don't know their history -- I'd rather vote for Yahya than that megalomanical fool.

AKS said...

I'm going with Zardari. I have a crush on him.

adeel said...

going the ATP ( way, eh?

For one, I'd be interested in how your poll comes out to be (in contrast to ATP's).

... said...

You forgot to put Altaf Hussain in there. I baycaatttt the poll in protest.