Thursday, September 24, 2009

Quote Of The Day

This is why I love -- love -- Younis Khan:

If you want to play only fun cricket, play Twenty20. You cannot have one guy taking all the fun from all formats. You can't get married and have six girlfriends as well, because you will get stuck somewhere.


Annie said...

haha, true that!

Bank CD Rates said...

This is true. Twenty20 is fun. If you want to enjoy serious and real cricket then test match is best.

R Malik said...

The man is a PIMP. No other words to describe, a pure, straight shooting PIMP. Forget Sidhuisms, I think very soon we will start compiling Y Khanisms (yeah, shit name I know, maybe you can think of something better?)...

Anonymous said...

Not just a pimp...he is an narcissistic egoist arsehole and I quote :-

"I am looking at the big picture. If I perform tomorrow, score a hundred and become man of the match, win the match for Pakistan, that will be remembered for long because I played with a broken finger."


"I have a fracture and I need not play against India and Australia. If you don’t perform in a big tournament, you have to face the consequences, so it’s very easy for me to run away here"

some may call it "refreshing honesty", i dont.