Saturday, September 05, 2009

The Taliban Martyrdom Certificate

The Tehreek-e-Taliban are actually awarding 'sanad-e-shahadat' (martyrdom degree / authentication certificate) to those who have lost their lives fighting the righteous fight. This is unreal.

(Courtesy: Dr. KM)


anoop said...

Can someone,please, translate?? I wonder what is written in that..

Ahsan said...

Hahaha. So basically heaven is like college, and the Taliban are like the Cambridge board, and shahadat is like A-levels, correct?

anoop said...

Killings,sucide-bombings have no justification,not even for Religion. If i'd get a chance then I wouldn't hesitate for a second to tear. I wonder if the families who get these certificates really like the idea of a person from the family killing himself for Religion.

adeel said...

You better believe it, a large majority them probably do.

Anonymous said...

that all of you lack the faith to die for something you believe does not surprise me.

shahadat is a brave and honourable thing to achieve in many circumstances. just because the TTP have abused this notion does not mean you should mock the concept.

heard of the charge of the light brigade? the honour of the kamikazes?

self-hating muslims, gotta love 'em.

Bullshit Detector said...

@ The idiot above me

Charge of the self righteous brigade is more like it. You're still alive. Do you lack the faith to commit your life or death to a cause?

Read the post Anonymous 10:11. Its one thing to die in the cause of something. Its another to do it for a certificate or to reward someone with a certificate (the cause is its own reward right?)

No one has said that Shahadat (if for a proper cause and if actually necessary) is actually anything other than honorable. The fact that you have straw-manned everyone here in order to place yourself on some sort of moral pedestal is simply pathetic. Get a life. And if you cant, contact these guys for a certificate.

Anonymous said...

actually i do lack the faith to do that - are you not man enough to admit that bullshit boy?

do you not understand basic english? re-read the comments and tell me they aren't mocking the concept of shahadah?

i didn't place myself on any moral pedestal. you placed me there so you could look good trying to pull me off it along with your oh so funny screen name.

why don't you get a life. here's a certificate:


Rabia said...

anonymous, if you're the same anonymous who's been posting here for about a year, you rock! you're one of the best blog trolls around and you should seriously consider getting a real nick name

Anonymous said...

you made my day rabia (iftar usually makes my day, so you are very special indeed) ;-)

i'm far too irregular a visitor to bother with a nick name - today is just a real slow day at work.

however, you can be sure it will be me if you do see an anonymous, focused, at times rude but pertinent response to some of the garbage that fills these pages.

Anonymous said...

Blog Troll:


adeel said...

Anonymous, you have a wicked sense of humour, I'd give you that. That smiley certificate was a class act :-D

However, I don't think anyone was mocking the concept of shahadat as you made it look out. And it is rather demeaning for TTP to be 'awarding' these certificates, as Bullshit Detector noted.

On a sidenote, isn't this certificate just a cheaper version of Nishan-e-Haider at the end of the day? I mean, after we settle down who's right and who's wrong.

Anonymous said...

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