Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Bilawal Bhutto Zardari Syndrome Is Exported To France

Brilliant. Just brilliant:
President Sarkozy caused embarrassment among his political allies yesterday with news that his 23-year-old student son is to be handed the powerful post of boss of Europe’s biggest business district.

As the Opposition cried nepotism, stalwarts of Mr Sarkozy’s Union for a Popular Movement said that the President was going too far in lining up Jean, a third-year student, to head the public agency that runs La Défense, the island of corporate towers in the west of Paris.

Patrick Devedjian, a Cabinet minister and the current Défense boss, is being moved aside for the President’s second son. He reacted bitterly yesterday with a quotation from Corneille, the 17th-century dramatist: “For souls nobly born, valour does not await the passing of years.” Privately, other UMP officials said that Mr Sarkozy was exposing himself to accusations of dynasty building.
To be fair, the kid does have really nice hair, so there's that.


zeyd said...

I wonder if he's a closet (step)madarchod.

M. said...

im agree

on the hair too

Ria said...

You do this and then we wonder why we are not internationally respected and trusted as Pakistanis. What respect remains for people eating away at their own democratically elected government?! A little fairness about the kind of sacrifices Bilawal's made, about the work he's done to inspire the nation already, would be appreciated!

Faiza said...

Hahaha at the above.
In defense of the kid (Jean that is), he was voted into the General Counsel of Hauts-de-Seine and then voted to lead the majority in the GC. I'm sure it helps to be a politician when your daddy is one but let's not compare him to Bilawal. Jean has done more to prove himself. And his hair is kinda like mine except more blonde. I like him.