Friday, October 30, 2009

I Know Men Are Supposed To Be In To Younger Women And All

But come on man. This is ridiculous.


Chai said...

I wonder if he traces his roots to pakistan at all...

Zh. said...


somethingrichandstrange said...

i remember reading on feministing and once about a study: straight british men between 25 and 45 were asked to rate the most attractive faces from photographs of women, and the average age of the women they found most attractive were 14 year old girls.
so clearly, he's not the only one with such preferences, even if he is unusual in pursuing said preferences, but that may be because the age disparity isnt a strong enough taboo in the society that he inhabits?

zeyd said...

Not sure how that would work:

1) Missionary would put too much pressure on the lower back.

2) Cowgirl would probably break his thighs.

3) Spooning might crack a rib.

4) Doggy could break a pelvic bone.

I guess it'll have to be the pile driver then.