Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I Love Boriss163

Who the hell, you may ask, is Boriss163? He is the man behind the greatest playlist in Youtube history. He is the man who has compiled every single goal from Barcelona's season last year, all one hundred and fifty nine of them. It amounts to over three hours of coverage. And he doesn't just provide highlights, but he does a masterful job in the production, with great soundtracks interspersed with commentary. For the big games, he shows more than just the goals, weaving a story together of a truly historic season.

If you don't have the time or the inclination to start from the beginning, where he shows snippets from the disastrous 2007-08 season and Pep being signed by Joan Laporta, you should at least watch the following. First, the second El Clasico, the one at the Bernabeu. You may recall that Real scored twice, and each time Barca responded with three goals.

Here's the first half. More than the goals, please watch the move that begins at about 6:45 in the video. It doesn't result in a goal, but it was undoubtedly the move of the season from my perspective. It takes six players, nine passes and less than thirty seconds to get from their six-yard box to Real's. And the ball never leaves the ground.

And here's the second half:

Here's the second leg against Chelsea. My favorite bit is this: after Guardiola runs down the touchline like a madman to celebrate the Iniesta goal, you see the veteran Sylvinho reminding him to make defensive substitutions (recall, Barca were playing with ten men and two and a half defenders at this point). Hilarious. Zeyd, you can look away now.

And here is the three part highlights package of the CL final in Rome against United. Again, my favorite moment wasn't a goal. It was the "You better not fuck with my captain again, you over-gelled STD-carrying fuck" address Xavi delivered to Ronaldo.


Zh. said...

as facebook would say- 'like'.

Asfandyar said...

How the hell did that move (6:45, your move of the season) not end up as a goal ffs? Brilliant football. It's the ease with which they rip a defense to pieces which is exhilirating. I expected a goal even though you said it didn't result in one!

That said, check this out for a counter-attack:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ts_dGQh6GEc 2:00 onwards.

Features your favouritest player ever :D

Ahsan said...

Zh: Thanks.

Asfand: Hahaha. That was a good goal. Very similar to the one against Arse in the CL semi last year, if I recall correctly. Though that might've been Rooney to Ronaldo, rather than the other way around.

Waisay, your United look very blunt in attack this year. I think Berbatov is going to go down in history as SAF's worst purchase ever. He sucks balls.

I don't see anyone in England catching Chelsea.

Asfandyar said...

It has. I think Berba might go down as Fergie's worst purchase simply because he doesn't fit the system he was sought out for. When he clicks he's really, really good. When things don't work for him all his flaws end up being magnified x10.

Our defense this year has been utter piss. Still manage to score but every game save Burnley that we've lost has been down to our defense not keeping things shut. But then again, if our attack didn't look utterly limp we might've gotten more from those games.

Absolutely hate losing to Liverpool and even more so when we put in insipid performances.

At least I'm getting a fair amount of lolz from watching Real Madrid though :D They look very average without Ronaldo :o

Who is Boris163 anyway? said...

good way to redeem your spirits after the loss to Rubins.

HAHA 1:30 - love the way Iniesta skeptically stares Eto. The eto-excretion was planned way before the transfer season it seems.

I bet if anyone sees Puyol without jersey he'd prolly be confused with MegaDeth's ... uh forgot his name :( ... see 2:00 (just any metal-head)

Highest CD Rates said...

I am not too fond of this game but i love reading your post and watching these videos. It is entertaining game with lots of aggression and passion.

JJY said...

berba as fergie's worst purchase ever? i believe one Juan Veron may have something to say about that...

my, how quickly we forget.

Asfandyar said...

Real Madrid losing 4-0 to a Segunda B team HAHAHAAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Should've been down by 5 if a sitter wasn't missed!

Ahsan said...

JJY: Veron could play, he was just used incorrectly and plugged into holes he couldn't fit. But Berba is an idiot and would suck anywhere. I honestly can't think of a single redeeming quality he has. Please tell me which top four club in any of the major leagues he would play for other than United.

Asfand: Yes, brilliant stuff.

Ali K. said...

Feriges worst purchase ever? Djemba Djemba as a sucessor to Keane. lol

lala pathan said...

sorry for late appearance :) m very upset since RAFA is gone NUTTS with his formations this yr , for cryin out loud wtf is he up 2 ? i for once will not miss him if he goes , wat do u say abt liverpool hiring FRANK RIIKAARD ahsan ? btw AGREE WTH U ON utd SUCKING ASS THIS YR atleast that made me happy so far , i wud actually now like to c either MAN CITY or ARSENAL win the league some how , and BARCA as usual is awsome , m also happy about ARGENTINA qualifying , i vote them to win the cup next yr plus wtf is goin on at REAL LOL serves them right !

karachi khatmal said...

so i watched the entire playlist - boris has amazing production skills, though the content is of course exemplary.

as a latent madrid fan, it was rather masochistic too, although the quality of guardiola's suits and messi compensate for it.

as an aside, why did henry discard his imperious arsenal celebrations for the oddly ashamed phonecall celebration at barca?

for those interested, laraib at boat basin has a movie called zidane, which is basically one full game with about 12 film cameras on zidane. it is absolutely breathtaking.

and finally, ahsan berba could stroll into arsenal in place of bendtner, or liverpool in place of n'gog etc.

JJY said...

Berba would definitely start for Arsenal - he'd be perfect as the apex of our 4-3-3, Van Persie's brace yesterday notwithstanding.

Btw, I know Berba's only scored four times this season, but two of them have been absolute beauties. If only he could get it together for an entire game.

I'm not saying he's worth what Fergie paid, but definitely far from his worst signing.

Anonymous said...

Chelsea, too, would have Berba play in place of Kalou.

But here is Berbatov's answer:

Ahsan said...


Haha it's not a phone call, it's perfume. He's smelling his wrist. Not that it makes much more sense, mind.

On Berba:

Berba could never play in Kalou's role. I agree that he could perhaps play in Arsenal's 4-3-3 (with RVP and Arshavin switching flanks to create confusion) but being better than Bendtner isn't something to write home about, is it?

Berba sucks.

JJY said...

RvP's overrated...i know i don't really sound like an arsenal fan here, but seriously, his first touch is god awful. he does have that beautiful left foot, but whenever he runs, i feel like he's about to fall and break his ankles.

bechara...he's like a newborn foal...only more awkward.