Sunday, October 18, 2009

LUMS Bans Kissing On Campus

Oh noes! What now?

I loved this part of the story:
In the maelstrom of replies to the e-mail that exposed the kiss (and threatened to supply photographic evidence of it), one conservative senior tried to guide freshmen on the correct path. "At LUMS, you will be bombarded with all sorts of atheistic and secular philosophies and 'isms'. If you do not have the proper knowledge and conviction about Islam, you may fall prey to the untiring efforts of certain faculty members as well as your fellow students to misguide you," he wrote, before linking to his personal website dedicated to Islamic practices.

Others responded with sarcasm: "I have sinned. I do not believe that there is a God because I can not see, feel, hear or touch Him/Her… During the holy month, instead of attending Koranic recitals in the mosque, I was listening to the demonic sounds of Pink Floyd," wrote one junior.

Do we have any LUMS students/staff in the audience? Any opinions on this? Not the Pink Floyd bit, the other thing.

Anyway, I'd like to dedicate this video -- the most memorable kiss I've ever seen on screen -- to the students at LUMS.


M. said...

this provides a more detailed background as to how this controversy came about

i applaud mr. ali hamza's comments

Zh. said...

hahahahhah...the dedication bit is quite classic

Ahsan said...

Holy shit, who knew LUMS students had this much time? That's an awful lot of bitching and hand-wringing over something that isn't terribly important. But thanks for the link.

Ribosome said...

Much ado over nothing....somebody needs a boyfriend.

Zh. said...

somebody needs a boyfriend indeed.

Sandy said...

This is more of a cultural issue. Our societies are at cross-roads. Similar hue and cry is raised here in India every year on the Valentine's Day.

And this shall remain so for at least near future until we become more tolerant.

karachi khatmal said...

the comment about professors trying to'brainwash' students is quite apt for lums.

the communists started a rock band, while the mullahs have an ABCD maulvi who finds rishtas for his acolytes.

and a lums brouhaha is typical of pakistan - much ado about nothing

Butters said...

On behalf of the lesbian community, I sincerely thank you for thinking of us as your exemplary dedication kiss.

You are officially loved by lesbians :)

Ahsan said...

Why thank you, Butters.

Actually, the W asked me why I didn't put up the Wild Things kiss in the swimming pool between Denise Richards and Neve Campbell. I was shocked I forgot that one, but it's probably for the better. That's probably a touch too R-rated for this blog. But yeah, either way, there's another lesbian/bisexual kiss for the ages.

zeyd said...

Hey Butters, ain't you meant to be bi-curious?