Thursday, October 15, 2009

Pakistan Continues To Buckle Under Militant Violence

The week from hell continues. In two separate incidents, the violence that Pakistani citizens and its representatives have been subjected to in the very recent past carries on unabated. First, in Kohat, a suicide bombing killed at least ten people. And halfway across the country, in Lahore, gunmen attacked a government building (in an attack continuing as I type this) with at least two casualties.

These incidents come on the back of the World Food program attack, the Peshawar suicide bombing, the GHQ siege, and the Swat bombing.

Not much to add at this point, I'm afraid. Readers in Pakistan are requested to use the comments section to update the news. Thanks.


Asad said...

Currently we’re being told that there are attacks underway at the Manawan Police Academy (again), the FIA building on the Mall (again), and the Elite Forces Training Centre on Bediyan road (which pretty much everyone has been expecting). At present, Geo news has broken brief stories online regarding the first and third attack. The second, for the time being, is hearsay.

pishipotty said...

The situation at the FIA building seems to be under control.

AKS said...

Police have cleared both Manawan and FIA building, the operation at Elite Training Institution, Bediyan continues.

Over a dozen casualties, almost all are police officers.

Geo says there were over 20 terrorists in total, three of whom were women. If it is confirmed that women were involved then this would be the first instance of its kind.

TTP has claimed responsibility.

foolsparadise said...

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AKS said...

Where in the world are the Shariff brothers? I'm getting sick and tired of their silence on security issues. The PML(N) is the second largest political party in the country and it would be nice to hear party leaders present their views - whatever they may be - on the militancy and the army operation. The job description of national political leaders isn't limited to fixing the price of sugar.

Asfandyar said...

Well, and I'm being far too glib here I think, at least they aren't expressly targeting 'civilians'?

What's frightening though is a combination of seemingly how good they've gotten at this Mumbai-esque terrorism malarky and just how ineffectual our government is. It's a different thing if an Army convoy gets blown up in Swat as opposed to having your main FIA building run over :S

Annie said...

Blast in Peshawar(Gulshan Rehman colony)

Where an 8 year old got killed. & other kids have been injured.

Rabia said...

AKS, Shahbaz Sharif was on geo about an hour ago... he was really subdued and basically repeated the Rehman Malik everything is ok line. Dunno if Nawaz Sharif has said anything yet.

AKS said...

Rabia, thanks for the update. Big bro, accompanied by a number of PML N leaders, held a press conference in Islamabad a few hours ago. He spent a few minutes condemning the attacks and saluting the military, and an hour condemning Musharraf, Kerry Lugar, present Govt, etc.

Can anyone tell me about the Nawaz League's policy on militancy in NWFP and Baluchistan, or the resurgence of Islamist outfits in Southern Punjab?

To top it all off, Rana Sanaullah stated today that it is possible that Indian intelligence agencies could be behind the attacks in Lahore.

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