Friday, October 09, 2009

Rahm Emanuel Summed Up In Three Sentences

From the New Yorker profile on Larry Summers:
Rahm Emanuel would blow up when various complicated Treasury ideas reached his desk without warning. “What the fuck are you guys doing?” he would demand. “That’s terrible politics.”
I've now read two in-depth features in the New Yorker in consecutive weeks on two of Obama's point-men: Holbrooke (sadly not available online) and Summers. And it's striking how similar they are, with strands of obvious intelligence, self-regard, ego, iconoclasm, disrespect for hierarchy, and bloody-mindedness served in generous helpings. Fascinating stuff.


Rabia said...

the Holbrooke article:

Kalsoom said...

I hate subscription-only sites, they severely stump their viewership through that stupid policy.

However, I did pay for a New Yorker online subscription recently, and it's well worth it for ppl thinking about doing it.