Friday, October 16, 2009

Two Conflicting Interpretations Of The Latest Wave Of Violence

There are, broadly speaking, two interpretations of the spike in violence in the last ten days. One is optimistic, and one is pessimistic.

The optimistic version, predictably forwarded by the government, is that this is a last desperate stand from the Taliban and their allies, in advance of the Army assault in Waziristan. The logic is that this wave of violence is basically an attempt to ward off the impending attack. In this view, the militants wouldn't be doing this if they didn't think the Waziristan foray would cost them dearly, and perhaps even succeed in wiping out the movement, or at least debilitating it to the point where it no longer presents a viable threat to the state and its citizens.

Though I think that much of this thinking is, in fact, wishful thinking (and so not real thinking at all), there is something to be said for the fact that the timing of this escalation coincides perfectly with the military offensive. As such, we must conclude that it is not a coincidence. It follows then, by logic, that the militants are sending a warning to the military (and, I suppose, the civilian) leadership. And who would send a warning if they weren't worried?

On the other hand, there is a pessimistic view of the latest attacks too. Namely, that the TTP is adding to its organizational capabilities by allying with militant groups based in southern Punjab, like Lashkar-e-Jhangvi and Jaish-e-Muhammad. For the most part, these groups have stayed outside the militant-army battle of the last few years, basically by not attacking representatives of the state and therefore not attracting the ire of the government -- though it bears noting that such organizations are primarily responsible for (a) the sectarian violence directed, primarily, against Shias, and (b) cross-border violence directed against India.

If this view is true, Pakistan, if possible, has an even bigger problem on its hands than once thought. For one thing, it stretches resources beyond the breaking point. Remember that the reason/excuse given by the government for not tackling non-Taliban militant groups (such as LeT, a move always guaranteed to royally piss the Indians off) is that they weren't actually at war with the state, so why go after them if such a conflict would attract resources away from the "real" war? The government can no longer enjoy making that distinction, which is an exceedingly good thing in the medium and long term, but hugely damaging in the short term because it forces, in effect, a two-front war. And you can ask the Germans how those work out.

Also consider that fighting a war in the sparsely populated FATA region is one thing, going gung-ho to fight militancy in urban and rural Punjab is quite another. Finally, in targeting police academies and government buildings and army headquarters, the militants are sending an unmistakable message to the Pakistani people: if the people in charge of protecting you can't even protect themselves, what hope do you have?

It is a sobering thought.


Anonymous said...

Ahsan read this:

"Clearing South Punjab is important because at this stage it does not require more than local police intelligence and a combined police and paramilitary operation against specific targets. As for how effective local intelligence can be is clear from the forewarning about the attack that did materialise."\10\12\story_12-10-2009_pg3_1

Asfandyar said...

Thing is, why are non-taliban groups getting involved now? I think we know enough about them to assume that their goals are purely politico-religious a la the taliban. At the very least over the past few years they've been scattershot if anything. What made them change their mind? Unless they feel they're equally under threat now (not really the case seeing as how the LeT and co. aren't exactly under the thumb)..

Balvinder Singh said...

Pakistan has been busy digging the graves for its neighbours for last 62 years. Now if they themeselves are falling in those graves, then where is the need for any other interpretations of the violence that is gripping Pakistan today?? If they open terror schools, then only terrorists will be the end product of such institutions. Pakistan has to stop giving different kind of treatment to its home grown terrorists and those imported from outside and come clean to eliminate them all from its land.

Anonymous said...

your indian readers are quite caustic aren't they.

Anonymous said...

Good post my friend, atleast u agree that LeT, Jaish are terrorists. Unless ALL the terrorists are eliminated noone in India or Pak can live in peace.

karachi khatmal said...

ahsan, as much as we mistrust our government, and we have plenty of reason to do so, i think their point is quite valid. i mean, why has the TTP waited so long to recruit these umbrella groups?

the only point where i would differ with the optimistic stance is that this is not exactly a desperate but rather a defiant stand. its the point where the army insiders etc are all joining the "holy cause" because waziristan would probably be the militants last stand. in all likelihood, things are going to get a lot worse before they get better.

and mr. balvinder singh, while shaudenfraude may be the flavour of the day, i would urge you not to get too smug. just cuz the media and no one else in the world gives a fuck about the naxalites and the red corridor doesn't mean they don't exist. and while they are still feeding off the carcass of they outdated ideology, once that runs out they would still be crazy fuckers with weapons, and nothing to lose. so watch out when that happens, cuz the indian state doesn't have 62 years of clean hands.

Anonymous said...

Khatmal Dude is an effing gawd.

Anonymous said...

Khatmal thr is one basic diff which u "CONVENIENTLY" forgot to mention. Naxalites and Maoists were not trained by Indian military and intelligent services to use against its neighbors for strategic gain! So thr in line lies a HUGE difference! BTW enjoy ur fucking chickens. A very Happy diwali to us :)

Ahsan said...

Wow, we have some SERIOUSLY obnoxious Indian readers now. Reminds me of this post:

Anonymous said...

from the Times of London

"In India it is estimated that more than 660 million people still defaecate in the open"

..and apparently the rest of them do it online...

karachi khatmal said...

anon 4:29

my point was not who created the monsters at large, but rather their effects. but while we are on the subject, i would argue that the naxalites et al were 'created' due to the state's indifference and brutality towards them - while this of course lacks the planned conception of our baddies, it still doesn't absolve the state.

anon 5:40

hahahahahaha! brilliant

Jaydev,India said...

Differences for dummies
Naxals vs TTP

1)funding for "Operation Green Hunt" is from our own pocket money.
Dont have to wait for a US aid package

2)Situation hasnt been (as of yet) deemed grave to invite airstrikes,tanks or artillery. The whole operation is done by Home Ministry's paramilitary forces(BSF,CRPF,CISF).

3)These are jungles and dense forests not NATION's capital or urban areas.

4)There are no ambiguity in purpose or resolve in India's case..whereas Pak military,civil institutions are fully penetrated by Islamist jehadis..over several years..strategically by organizations like Hizb-e Tahrir..Jamaat-e-Islami..etc
Bangladesh has started clearing Islamist penetration in their midst..after failed coup attempt by BDR..Pak hasnt even started anything like that..

5) Pak Army fighting Taliban is like one part of armed forces fighting another part. You might have noticed high-skill level and training of Mumbai-attackers and GHQ attackers..all have SAS grade commando training..imparted by ISI-SSG and Al-Qaeda experts who are Arab military veterans.

6) No foreign country conducts airstrikes on our territory unlike in case of Predator UAVs picking off targets in Pak.

7)You have terror training camps..
in your country well reported in Pak media itself in Mushafarabad, Mundrike, Bhagawalpur,Quetta etc.
and your state is looking the other way or active supporting it.

checkout latest Christine Fair article on WSJ
Pak's Partial War on Terror

8) Your country is deemed threat to your entire neighborhood as well as to entire world from proliferation as well as terrorists including Afghanistan(Taliban,AL-Qaeda), Iran (Jundullah,BRA), India(all alphabetic groups of jehadis),China and CIS states(Al-Qaeda,ETIM),US(Al-Qaeda,LeT),Bangladesh(HuJi-B)

foolsparadise said...

Well I think I go with 2nd, reasons:

1> asset vs liability evaluation.
2> slow & hidden uncle sam's Pakistan war
3> absence of (anti militancy) vision; like what if we are forced to do operation in Punjab?
4> huge motivation of regrouping (as these groups operated separately because of funding and ethnic base, which is being narrowed down)
5> Less powerful Army, who could do this balancing act as was done in Mush era.

foolsparadise said...

For Indians : Please don't jump out of context, and if at all you want to "defaecate-online" (Excellent!!) let go to China, new opportunity!! Plenty of land for every one to do in open ;-)

Seriously, Its really a high time, that how much time we(Indians) are wasting these days, that politicians started cashing on it.

karachi khatmal said...


that was most enlightening, thank you.

you are still missing my point.

my response to balvinder singh was not to equate the naxals with the TTP, but merely point out that pakistan is not the only state with a militancy problem. moreover, this problem has been specifically exacerbated because of the us invasion of afghanistan, which has brought it to the forefront. such situations do not exist in india, and you are welcome to enjoy your resulting freedom and ease of life.

HOWEVER, the problem of naxal/maoist/etc militancy has persisted for at least four decades. it doesn't get the media attention because they are content to fight it out in the god-forsaken eastern belt which is not exactly the glamourous part of india. but if this situation persists, and takes a wrong turn, or gets exploited by some foreign power or ideology, it can get out of hand.

that's not my opinion, but manmohan singh's.

ergo, while indian commenters like your compatriot balvinder can bask in the fuck-bomb which is contemporary pakistan for the moment, things could blow up in india as well.

of course, this is a rather futile argument on my part, since the headlines will give you far more ammo than i can muster, so i will also try and refrain from further comments.

foolsparadise said...

Actually, the above one was the counter view(of TOI), this 1 was the original remark(Read:

Nida said...

It really is a VERY sobering thought...

foolsparadise said...

Clarification: my above comments were well dipped in sarcasm (and bit of fun ;-) )for Indian fellows and its not something to be really taking seriously of. So just take it easy.

Ahsan: This (Watch: might be worth watching, to get some of your answers(specially last 6-7 min & my 2nd point), as how govt is serious about and slowly is marching towards a full fledged mayhem.

dudelove said...

i love it when random pakis resort to the defecation statistics to give themselves a sense of worth. atleast lumps of shit by the road don't blow up 8 year olds.

no, kk it's less schadenfreude, more "i told you so".

Ahsan said...

Alright, let's clean it up, people. Don't make me start moderating comments and whatnot. It's too time-consuming.

Nabeel said...

Just don't moderate anon 5:40. it's brilliant!

To the Indians: Thank you for your interest in our country.

Ahsan, I don't know if it's a bit of both, but it could be, right? Some desperation LEADING TTP to join hands with the southern punjab elements? And no matter what it is, what solution do you propose? I know you've talked about it a lot and I apologize for wasting your time. But things have changed, the situation now is different from the one when the Swat operation was launched. Broadly,I see two courses of action being discussed - the military action, and negotiations as suggested by Sidrat.

What's your thinking now? (yes,I consider you to be a relative expert).

Nabeel said...

oh,by the way, dudelove, you were rude and insensitive enough to achieve your objective (a response).

i remember sniggering on 26 November too. (that's sarcastic, in case of any misunderstandings.)

Jaydev,India said...

"Thank you for your interest in our country"

The only interest in your country is because, your army/intel has its fingers in every trouble pie in our country ranging from communal violence,terrorist attacks
(ULFA,SIMI,IM,LeT,JeM,Khalistan Commando Force,Al-Umma,HuM,HuA,etc),
large scale money counterfeiting, triggering animosity with our other neighbours like Hrithik Roshan issue which triggered riots in Nepal(which was a psychops by ISI funded newspaper in Nepal),Funding terror groups in Kerala(Al-Umma,NDF,PDP,PDF) from Pak's Srilanka mission,
Recent Coup attempt in Bangladesh
when they were going to UN to probe genocide by Pak Army in 70s,
inability to maintain status quo in Kashmir border and move we have with China...
(In India-China's case China has Aksai Chin with them and they claim Tawang is theirs..but still status quo is maintained by discussing it through dialogues and let economic and other relationships run parallely..),cross border firings to artificially induce hostitlity.
When Pakistanis talk about have to think about who is ruining cross-border firings,infiltrating terror groups who does acts like attack on Parliment,Mumbai 26/11, doing misadventures like Kargil etc.
If you guys stop these stuff there will automatically be peace..coz you are the ones who are ruining it...there is absolute asymmetry of culpability in ruining peace and the guilty party is solely Pakistan state itself.

Naeem said...


Naeem said...

Hi guys!

Being a Pakistani, I can't bear anyone pointing figures on our face. But unfortunately, it's true that Zia era has fed this cruel Taliban force. Zia & companions fed the dog for its stratigic useage. But while the dog grownup, it started biting the hands once fed him.
All the nation is united to eliminate this curse from our soil!

Naeem said...

Hi guys!

Being a Pakistani, I can't bear anyone pointing figures on our face. But unfortunately, it's true that Zia era has fed this cruel Taliban force. Zia & companions fed the dog for its stratigic useage. But while the dog grownup, it started biting the hands once fed him.
All the nation is united to eliminate this curse from our soil!

Murdabad said...

I will ask the same questions again regarding the involvement of the other numerous junglee lashkars.

* - Why would they wait so long to join in ?

* - Was that the strategy ?

* - If so, how far ahead have they planned this?

* - Have we even planned this thing out at all?

When its a new group which just came into existence or evidence points in unknown directions, theres something amiss.

I am sure this is related to the Kerry-Luger Bill. I believe these attacks on our military and security personnel are probably being carried out by 'out of state' actors(not saying neighbouring countries), trying to send a message to our army that we do in fact need our sovereignty threatened.

Ribosome said...

If americans could get to the moon with slide rules and 2Mhz computers, pakistanis can pretty damn well fight these terrorists.

anoop said...

Karachi Khatmal talks bout Maoist violence. But, thats been going on for the past 40 years. They have neither lost strength or gained any. But, the same violence perpetrated by them is receiving more media attention and hence it seems as though they are gaining strength. They cannot ever,in their wildest dreams run over a democratic,stable state like India. India is growing at a very fast rate and growth will slowly but surely reach the parts of India affected by Naxalism. When this happens the call for arms for most tribals,who constitute the bulk of the naxal cadre, will decrease. But, for that to happen India must make sure none of its regions are neglected in terms of its growth. Even growth is better for India.
India is a huge country will a equally large population density.If only a handful of cities grow then there will be over crowding of those cities by people,mainly poor,looking for jobs to satisfy their hunger. This is precisely what happened to Bombay. People all over India came to Bombay and thus resulted in slums. Earlier,Bombay was the lone Indian city promising growth. Now, there are plenty of urban centres who can occupy the same position. We need to make sure the number of such urban centres increases.
Economic,inclusive Growth is only way to solve all of India's problems and that includes Naxalism. It will not give nightmares to the Indian republic like the terrorists are giving to their former Pakistani masters but it will certainly be a nuisance. But, India is in a great position to deal with them. And, we have a great person,a renowned economist, as our PM to do this job. Who better than the most qualified head of state in the world to take care of a country's economy??!!!

Anonymous said...

Why is it that every time an Indian makes an appearance on a Pakistani blog they are smug, superior and hyper-patriotic (read gullible and uncritical of their own establishment)?
Sums up their approach to foreign policy too. I mean if the Indians were large-hearted enough, they would understand our difficulties and offer quiet support.Would make millions of fans here in Pakistan. But no such luck. Kicking people when they are down seems to give them some primeval kick.No wonder they are so unloved in their neighbourhood(Bhutan excepted, for obvious reasons).
And here we are in Pakiland, rightly being all critical of ourselves and soul-searching and bloody masochistic.
I have always felt that the Indians have become uncomfortably like the lecturing, hectoring, but basically robotic and stupid, Americans. With crapping on the streets though. Sad.

dudelove said...

i'd like to know if there's a country in the world that's loved in it's neighborhood. such junk could at best beget more junk from the indian side about wht the world thinks of pakistan. also, it's amazing that blog comments are so easily construed as the national viewpoint of a country. on the other hand, it also shows that there is simply too wide a communication gap amongst the peoples of our countries. maybe there are tight assed bureaucrats talking across mahogany tables but there is zero communication between the people. when the two countries are serious about living in peace i guess they'd have to start with opening business relations and student exchanges. but the process of disillusionment with armaments and violence has to perhaps run it's course till we reach that point. hopefully we're on a cusp of that. or maybe not. who knows?

Sandy said...

I wud rather like to believe the Govt version. Nevertheless, there is one important thing that u forgot to mention. The TTP is fast losing support in Pakistan. This is why its chief recently talked about conducting strikes in India - just to win back some support inside Pakistan.

I wud like to believe that these attacks are desperate attempts by them. Atleast I hope so.

Naxalites don't have any influence outside jungles and they don't conduct operations of the scales of which TTP is doing. It is clear that TTP has support bases in Pak cities and this is not restricted and is there even in its Punjab province. It is this support base that needs to be destroyed if TTP is to be completely destroyed.

Jaydev,India said...

@12:41 AM
"read gullible and uncritical of their own establishment"

About about gullibility..when ur main stream media functions like trashy tabloids about Mossad-FreeMason-Zionist conspiracies..trying to beat Alex Jones/David Shayler at their own game..

About guys were all applause for "Kashmiri Freedom fighters" and their massacre of 1000s of innocent ppl in India nevermind most of them were Pak-Punjabis..until they turn on the state..

What to say..our archeological dept in case of Adam's apple gave a report to Supreme Court of India that "Lord Ram" does not exist and is just fiction! Just think about if anything similar about Quran or Prophet in ppl cant even digest cartoons..give me a break will ya....!

Ahsan said...

Dear non-Indians reading this:

Please understand the following things:

1. India is the most pacifist and peaceful country in the world. It has never attempted to harm its neighbors and other states without being provoked first.

2. There is nothing wrong within Indian politics or society. India Shines.

3. Most deaths in India that take place due to political violence -- such as in communal riots, or militant violence -- are actually Pakistan's fault. As is anything else that is undesirable.

4. If people only understood how nice and peaceful India is externally and internally, we would all be better of for it. Indians aren't required to correct any misperceptions they may have simply because they don't actually have any misperceptions.

I think that about covers it. Did I miss anything?

karachi khatmal said...

ahsan - wow!

that hard disk sure has brought out the nasty in you... :D

or this could just be a cynical ploy to rack up the hits as the crazies prepare to descend for yet another round of "y'all a bunch of terrorists' and 'piss off piss drinkers'

let me kick it off - manmohan singh is actually a android created by ariel sharon from a warehouse in austria which stores the original copy of the protocols of the elders of zion which has been translated into yiddish form its original sanskrit text by nehru whose grave is the hiding place for osama, the gates proceeds of which are where the ttp gets its funding from...

Sandy said...

Some ten years ago Kargil happened and a couple of years later Indian Parliament was attacked. Online forums were still evolving. I clearly remember how Pakistanis used to mock Indian security apparatus. I can only guess that there are a few Indians who now want to give it back.
My only advice to them is that there is nothing to gain in doing all this.

As for My Ahsan, I read ur article abt 4 types of Indian readers. What abt Paki readers - how n whr wud u like to categorize Khatmal and urself.

Its not that I cannot hitback with counter arguments. Its just that I don't want. But I will definitely like to say one thing.

If you draw a graph depicting all all countries of the world and plot Democracy vs Economic properity, you wud notice a huge correlation.

Countries that are poor, illiterate and also the ones that are ruled by Dictators. It is becoz there isn't enuff prosperity to hold things together.

India wud b a huge outlier in this case. It is a country that is divided on many fronts - religion, caste,language and class. The gender divide cuts right between all of them. Yet India has remained a democratic for the last 60 years and today is second fastest growing economy.

There is no doubt, things are far from ideal. Every vote in India is equal but development has not been equal. But the word democracy bring to mind the western style democracy and it is often ignored that these democracies have evolved over time. What India represents is hope - because it stands by all the basic principles of democracy and its free media ensures that Govt. does not have an easy time in office.

There is a lot that world can learn from India. It depends on people whether they are interested in it or not.

As for Pakistan, it is a neighbor and we wud prefer that it continues to be a neighbor rather than the Taliban which I am afraid to say Pakistan has long supported.

Anonymous said...

Its quite an analogy, the process of rooting out Taliban in Pakistan and that of Naxalism in India. Both authorities have dragged their feet for large amounts of time due to 1) ideological inclinations(Naxalism gets sympathy from the dearly held socialistic values of the intellectual few wrt equitable and just development) 2) strategic use (in case of naxalism, internal politics being the collusive angle)

Also, this analogy extends to the events that have caused authorities into action against these forces : Taliban's flogging of a girl and naxal's brutal beheading of a policeman. The patterns are indeed strikingly similar and takes my mind back to a post written by you on the lethargy of Paki establishment in tackling Taliban earlier this year.

I agree with KK that your comment is a malignant attempt at bringing more hits to your blog :P. Anyway, part of the pontification that you see today from indians is because a)they themselves havent been through any unjust acts on part of the govt, and this is esp true of the blogging/commenting community and b)there has been no "movement" in India which has caused distress to its neighbours. Much of the "bad relations" that you speak about come in the bargain of being such a huge country on lines of geo-political and strategic influence; and not because of interference in others matters [for gods sake, dont cite tibet as an example; by all measures of humanity and democracy, i dont think it was wrong on part of india to give the lama refuge]

karachi khatmal said...

@ Sandy

Firstly, that was a really measured response.

as for types of pakistani readers, vis-a-vis towards indian subjects there are two kinds. the first are jingoistic, self-delusional, zaid hamid acolytes who refuse to see anything wrong with pakistan or its insecurities and look to bash india and be generally obnoxious at any chance they get.

the second kind are those like the authors of this blog, and refreshingly, quite a few others who are candid about pakistan's shortcomings, its identity crisis, its failings and are critical of them frequently. however, they are not self-hating pakistanis, which is why when they feel it is valid would be critical of india as well.

on rare occassions, or after a cricket victory, there is a perfect storm where the points of views of both categories converge. to the unsuspecting indian reader, it would seem like there is no difference between the two, and consequently, long convoluted mud slinging matches break out on the blogosphere.

if this post and its subsequent comments depress any of the indian readers, i would strongly encourage looking at older posts on this blog, and similar posts on many of the blogs linked here, and i am sure you would be pleasantly surprised.

dbldot said...

I don't care about this discussion or what/how people in India and Pakistan perceive each other.

But, can people please use good spelling?

@Sandy: Maybe I am old-fashioned but what on earth is "I read ur article abt"? What is 'ur' and 'abt'. In case, you weren't aware 'your' and 'about' are just 2 characters more and make for much more pleasant reading!! I am sure typing those two characters won't lead to excessive ergonomic issues.

Anonymous said...

Is always from same source country - pakistan.

foolsparadise said...

In many ways Pakistan(read:Pakistanis)is(are) like big-nasty-green-Parrot;-), it just repeats whatever is being said, few examples:
India: you are terrorists
Pakistan: you are terrorists
US: you are terrorists
Pakistan: you are terrorists
US: Ok you are our best friend & ally
Pakistan: Ok you are our best ally & ally
US: you don't worry, friends of real Pakistan(EU,NA & others) will come for your help
Pakistan: you don't worry, friends of real Pakistan(Osama,mulla xyz) will come for your help (hehehe)
India: Stop Sponsoring terrorism
Pakistan: Stop Sponsoring terrorism
Albright: you are international migraine
Pakistan: you(only) are international migraine(here)

.....on & on .. just fit yours own on wish and see how well it goes....

so(to my conclusion), there are only one type of Pakistanis (readers in comparison of 4 different types of Indians): Big-Nasty-Green-Parrot-types.

Anonymous said...

My sincre advsie to my fellow Indians and Pakistanis

1. Iran is yesterday attacked by Taliban, and Ahedinejaad wont mind chasing those pigs right into Balochistan.....
2. Thus we'll have another fabulous war between Muslims (who cares even if it is betweeen Shias & Sunnis)
3. Indians, don't write so much on Pakistan, they do not carry any importance for us Indians anymore. "UNKI HAISIYAT HI KYA HAI HAMARE SAAMANE? we have defeated their army(read clowns) atleast four times in the past. Pakis are used to live on alms doled out by USA, for internal strife within their country, they go with begging bowl to USA. Whereas India fights insurgency with its own money.

ANant Karandikar-Mumbai

Sunny Deol said...

This post is becoming useless as it goes .. It wasn't about Indo-Pak blog etiquettes or whatever you guys are trying to prove ..
I wanted to have a discussion about the excavating violence ... not excavate the violence ...

and talking about Big Nasty Green Parrots... there you go again you Lil self defecating pompous elephants ( it reminds me of Ganesh and Ganesh = Indians )

Anyway ... to Indians the root cause of everything is Pakistan. maybe you guys feel that you are getting back at China somehow ? I don't know what the deal is with you lot but there is merely no comparison between the two just a correlation, Now China is a comparison ... We are just a feel good factor for India ( and that's pathetic in itself for the both of us )

I agree with the last blogger anant( read asshole ) even though he sounds like a paki hating bitchass of a human being :p

anoop said...

Great reply man.. Loved every word.. Read it thrice... :)

Its no wonder nobody else has commented on it except one.. not much can you say when its that good!

anoop said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Obelix said...

These South Asians are crazy.

Anonymous said...

"If people only understood how nice and peaceful India is externally and internally, we would all be better of for it. Indians aren't required to correct any misperceptions they may have simply because they don't actually have any misperceptions."

@ Ahsan : well,you have a great sense of humor! I don't think you have interacted with many Indians or you would have known Indians generally start a conversation with ridiculing their country.

Sandy said...


u shud read Ramcharan Guha's book India after Gandhi. This comment is inspired from his book which I read a few months ago. Its an amazing book. It is a must read for every Indian.

aarfy said...

oh, look i found a leading light of journalism, shining brightly out of pakistan -

Hmm, they claim to set history straight. And they have wonderfully morphed photos of Gandhi, oh what joy!

And amongst important things like how RAW is behind everything including the recent attacks, they do not lose sight of minutae like india is a country of cow piss drinkers, meagre economic success, rats in president's home and mostly a wretched slum.

rupee news? that name hits awfully close to this blog.

Ahsan said...


Oh my god, you caught me. I actually have another blog where I write what I really think. As a cover for that, I maintain a second blog (this one). When searching for a name for my dummy-blog, I decided to use something close enough, so I wouldn't forget the name of the first.

But what I did not count on was the ingenuity and intelligence of people like you. Now you've found me out. Gasp.

Hades said...

I loves the Brown peoples on the Internet. :)

Thank you and come again,

NB said...


Dude you really deserve some sort of prize for that comment.

anoop said...

I will read that book you refer to. Sounds good.