Monday, November 23, 2009

The Best Of Intentions

Here's proof that you should never try to do charitable work when you're drunk:

Drunk and eager to do some charity, New Zealand cricketers Neil Broom and Aaron Redmond ended up causing a “riot” during a tour of India with their ‘A’ team in August for which they were even detained by the Chennai police.

According to media reports here, Broom and Redmond, who were in Chennai with the Kiwi ‘A’ side for the Buchi Babu tournament at that time, broke the team curfew and went out for a drink ahead of a match.

After that, the duo took out some money from an ATM and started distributing it among passersby but the crowd grew bigger then what they had expected and a “full-scale riot broke out”, needing police intervention, newspapers reported here.

The duo was then taken to the local police station and after some questioning by the officers to ascertain their identity; Broom and Redmond were sent back to the hotel.

Good times.


Anonymous said...

awesome..tourism ministries in poor countries should invite these guys on special visas..and get them really drunk for free..

anoop said...

I am from the South of India and I can totally imagine this happening in Chennai.. Lol.. It sounds like its a scene from some Tamil movie(By the way are way better than Hindi movies,I speak Kannada,FYI)!