Thursday, November 26, 2009

I Have Seen The Future, And It Belongs To Umar Akmal

Wow. To be honest, I don't even care if we lose this test anymore. When you watch sheer genius at work, nitty-gritty things like "the result of the game" just don't matter.

Let me say this right now: barring injuries or suspensions or discipline issues, Umar Akmal will be commonly referred to as one of the world's three best players in less than three years. He's that good.



FJ said...

Don't fucking jinx him Ahsan! But he sure gives every Paki cricket fan a serious hard on when he plays as well as he did today! :)

Ahsan said...


Rest assured, I am more wary of the jinxing phenomenon than anyone I know. But Umar Akmal is too good to be jinxed. Honestly, the last time I was this sure of a guy's quality was when I was young kid myself watching Ricky Ponting. With some guys, you just know. Umar's one of them.

Farooq said...

I bet he was his mom's favorite!

zeyd said...

Speaking of jinxes, as I was telling Aks and talking to Suleiman about, the kid's made a Miandad-esque start to his test career, and just like Javed I wouldn't be surprised if he continues to average 50+ for the rest of his career.

As Ahsan said: He's that good.

Oh and give Fawad a proper run in the middle order (any where from numbers 4-6) and he'll average 45+

AKS said...

Farooq I'm sure he was the favourite because Kamran Akmal is to stupid to be liked by even his own parents. Can anyone please explain to me why he had to play that chooth shot? It changed the balance of the game.

Could Umar's race from 87 to 101 be the best innings in the 90's?

mcphisto said...

Aks: 90s ? what are you talking about. The kid stayed in so called nervous zone for a grand total of 3 minutes probably ?

If he continues in the same vein and opens up boxing day with another blistering innings - i ll be ready to proclaim him our best batsman in the last 20 years.

Farooq said...


I think the real question is: could Umar Akmal's race from 87 to 101 be the greatest and most exhilirating sporting accomplishment since the first Olympic Games held in Greece?

I'd be the first to get on Akmal's case following his betrayal of YK, but give him a break yaar. He countered really well and gave his brother great support. And I think him beig there contributed to Umar reaching his hundred - must have really put Umar's mind to ease seeing his elder brother egging him on and calming him from the other end. Just for that, I'd add 20-30 runs worth of value to Kamran's presence. Also, I dont fault him for taking on Vettori. Not at all.
He sucks as a keeper but people need to stop questioning why Sarfaraz isnt our first choice for that role. He never will be. Sarfaraz might deserve that wicketkeeper slot but he's never going to get it because Akmal plays an innings like this way too often in all formats to be considere dispensable. And, unlike Malik, he wont wait till the selector's axe is about to drop before scoring some runs.

But fuck Kamran. This is Umar's moment. I hope Iman Ahmed sleeps with him or something.

the sheikh said...

@mcphisto : do you mean Black Friday and not Boxing Day (Dec 26th)?

Just wondering...

Ahsan said...


The big difference b/w him and Miandad is their styles. Miandad could never dominate an attack, he could only win wars of attrition. I mean, he was never the type to get 12-15 runs an over, even at his best. This kid has the ability to hit boundaries on a regular basis.

Obviously not saying he's going to have a better career than Miandad or anything like that. But his talents are slightly different.


Since it was bloody O'Brien, I would say no. If he had done that to Bond to get to his hundred, that would've been awesome.


Completely agree on Kamran's role today. He talked him into that hundred. It was awesome to watch.

The sheikh:

No, I think he means Boxing Day. We're going to Australia after this tour.

zeyd said...

The Miandad comparison wasn't made basis their relative style/talent, rather the similarity in regards to a debut test 100 against the Kiwis, and the possibility of Umar following Javed's remarkable record of never averaging below 50.

That's where I hope I haven't jinxed him!

Sandy said...

Surely he is gud. I am sure that he shud land a handsome IPL contract as well. But if history is any indicator, Pakistani cricket has always in involved in groupism. Thats the only thing that can come in the way of this awesome talent.

Indophile said...

NewZealand's commentary team is surely peerless: Doull et al were discussing how selfish Imran was to refer his LBW , what crap ?

Amyn said...

@ indophile
to be honest, they were probably right...selfish bastard
i was more annoyed at how craig mcmillan was ripping apart fawad's technique. when someone mentioned that he averaged over 50 in tests so far, he (or richardson) replied by saying that he must have only played bangladesh. this from a third-rate batsman who averaged in the 30's in tests and in the 20's in odi's

Reverse Swing said...

he is special and future of Pakistan's batting middle order for sure and the knock he played today was magical in those circumstances.

As for commentary its first time after a long time I am sick of commentary those Kiwis are shit and they are really making this very beloved job so biased and hatred. Only Waqar is their to support his team and he is mostly doing the proper commentary and as always is more interested in explaining fast bowlers technique and plans and what to do, thing he can do.

F-Machine said...

Indophile don't even try man

Farhat's referral was the single most selfish thing I've seen in a while.. he dragged his fat ass all the way across the stumps.. what the hell did he think was going to happen if the ball hit his pads..

and notice how he didn't even consult his partner to see how close it was etc. so as not to waste a referral that could have been better used by the team.. as soon as the finger went up the selfish asshole was signalling for the referral

Ali said...

The last time i was this sure was when i saw yuvraj's batting prowess :)

Ahsan said...


Ok, got you. I think asking his average to never dip below 50 is asking a bit much.

On the NZ commentary:

It really is shameful. I mean really, really shameful.

On Farhat:

I don't want to talk about him. It's a holiday here and I don't want my mood to get ruined.


Please. Yuvraj has 3 hundreds in 46 test innings. Umar has 1 in 1. Yuvraj is a great T20 and ODI player. In the real form of the game? Not so much.

right side of the river said...

not to detract from the Umar Akmal love, but...

this lineup has got to be the worst we've put out in recent memory. might give the one against australia in sharjah in 2002 a run for its money. i would like to know who gave Shoaib Malik the idea that he can bat. he's a flat track tulla with pathetic technique, he has no business anywhere in the test team.

considering our next test opponents are, in order, aus in aus, aus in eng, eng in eng, we really need to sort the batting out.

as i'm typing this Aamer's taken 2 for 0!!

mphisto said...

I cant make this judgment after witnessing only their first stint together, but boy, aamer and asif remind me of the heady heights of 90s.

now if only our batting can do something sensible for once. Who else wants afridi in test team ?

lalapathan said...

i've been an anti paki cricket for the past few yers considering we had and have , asif, shoib, malik, nazir, butt and afridi but watchin him play , i m about to take a U TURN on liking pakistan cricket again . he is just naturally talented like MESSI , right ahsan ? :)

Farhan said...

lets hope he doesn't fall prey to the dirty politics and sheer stupidity of pakistan cricket affairs

mohammed said...

about Afridi, we really need him back. This time, not for his magic in batting but as a leg spinner. I'd love to watch him bowl with a slip in place and two silly points right next to the batsman; A SIGHT WORTH WATCHING!

And I must commend. I'm sure about atleast six players in the team that can take the team to new heights; Omer and Kamran Akmal, Asif, Aamer, Gul and Ajmal. Others really need to rethink their game. AND SOMEBODY PLEASE KILL FUCKED UP IMRAN, for good.

Omer Akmal. *love the kid*