Friday, November 20, 2009

My Nine Favorite Google Search Suggestions

Whenever I'm bored and have five minutes to kill, I always have great fun typing in regular words in the search box on Google and seeing what Google thinks I should be searching for. Hereunder are nine winners spread over two days of searching; readers with funny suggestions of their own should let us know in the comments section.

I love the first four for this one.

This one is so revealing. It appears guys are most concerned with girls as sexual beings while girls are most concerned with guys as companions. Is there any other interpretation for this one?

This one is so random.

The last two here made no sense until I actually googled them. Which is ironic in a way, if you think about it.

If ever there was an accurate summation of where our poor country is right now, this image would be it.

Notice how, other than the "cricinfo" suggestion, there is nothing below that implies Shoaib Akhtar ever played cricket.

These two next are brilliant. Please note the differences between "yo mama" and "your mother".

And finally, our very own Bilawal Bhutto (Zardari). Picture, thousand words etc etc.


A. said...

Excellent post!

Nabeel said...

haha,good stuff, but i have a question:

when you have five minutes to kill and you're bored, why don't you leave the computer for a few minutes and stretch your legs or something?!

(because it seems like you spend an awful lot of time on it. not that i am innocent of the charge. but it's unhealthy methinks.)

Minerva said...

Weirdest stuff:

How can I get pregnant ... this one's clearly an idiot.

Your mother is an astronaut ... seriously wha..?

Shoaib Akhter genitar warts ... gross.

Pakistan is the problem ... makes you proud.

Pakistan is better than India ... highly unoriginal.

My parents are on facebook ... why on earth is he/she googling that?

Is there ever a day when mattresses are not on sale ... so it is true. Google IS the answer to everything.

Jaydev,India said...

I guess auto-suggestions comes from the current search is mine..on

"why are indians"

so smart
so hated
so ugly
obessed with fairness
so cheap
called indians
afraid of dogs
so racist
so rich

"why are americans"

so stupid
called yanks
so fat
so dumb
afraid of socialism
afraid of dragons
so arrogant
so overweight
so obese

"why are pakistanis"
(no autosuggestions)

"why pakistan"
hates india
wants kashmir
is a failed state
lost 1971 war
seperated from India
is poor
is better than India

"why india"
lags behind china
is called india
is great
needs narendra modi
is not a developed country
is called bharat
will beat china
is lagging behind china
is a developing country
is called a subcontinent

NAA said...

Ahsan, I guess I'll admit I've been guilty of this pastime as well. I had saved an image on my computer a couple of months back when searching for


zardari second marriage
zardari pakistan
zardari killed benazir
zardari palin
zardari wiki
zardari corruption
zardari jokes
zardari washington post
zardari and palin
zardari scandal

No mention of him being President.

karachi khatmal said...

superb post!

Tazeen said...


Shoaib Akhtar's was the best

Sahar said...

Awesome! My favorite was "yo mama" vs. "your mother"...!

Abbas said...