Sunday, November 08, 2009

Song Of The Day

Today, I wrote close to 2500 words of academese that no one other than me, my advisers, and these people will ever read. My brain was and is fried. It took me about four hours of near constant writing, editing, backspacing, footnoting, reading, underlining and, most importantly, bullshitting.

I had this song on repeat for about one quarter of that time, making the day slightly more bearable.


dudelove said...

sweet led zep. you're quite alright paki, you're alright :) !

Ahsan said...

Paki? Seriously?

zeyd said...

Sigh, I hear Zep now and it just reminds me of college. Lazy afternoons, drives through cornfields smoking fat blunts. Zep in the background.


Ahsan said...

Other than the cornfields, Zeyd, what exactly is different about your life now?