Wednesday, November 25, 2009

U.S.-Sino Relations In Six Minutes

SNL, you beauty.

Sometimes people outside the U.S. have trouble viewing videos from the websites of the original network, so here's the Youtube version of the same:


Benji said...

I am very sorry for this article, and that this is the program automatically issued a document from the article. Do not the subject of race and politics make the discussion too radical and sincere hope that the world is very peaceful.

Anon_for_good_reason said...

Those who have no "materialistic conscience" can download the whole episode from here..

btw i dont know what that means..:-)

ilectrat said...


699MB HDTV for a bloody skit? You must be kidding!

Anon_for_good_reason said...

Its a bloody MP4 ripped from HDTV source..RTFM