Wednesday, December 09, 2009

American Consulate Officials Are Stupid

As the entire country loses its marbles over Blackwater, officials from the American consulate in Lahore seem hell bent on feeding our national paranoia by acting like inconsiderate idiots on a major Lahore road in the middle of the bloody afternoon. Dawn reports:

LAHORE, Dec 8: Local police detained three luxury jeeps with tinted glasses at a check-post near Sherpao Bridge in Cantonment area for search on Tuesday.

Those on board, said to be Americans, however did not let police search the black Land Cruisers.

Sources said policemen on duty stopped the vehicles in the afternoon after spotting their tinted glasses and missing number plates.

They asked the riders to come out of the vehicles for checking but they refused.

Later, the policemen came to know that those on board were Americans and related to the American Consulate in Lahore.

After the verification process on the arrival of some consulate officials, the foreigners were allowed to leave the check-post.

The stand-off which continued for a couple of hours blocked traffic on Abid Majeed and Jail roads.


Nida said...

I didn't know people could "refuse" to be searched...

Anonymous said...

It has begun. stockpile food. secure your houses. ready your weapons.

Anonymous said...

Yes, of course, they can refuse to be searched if they have diplomatic credentials. A vehicle is just an extension of the diplomatic premises. The problem here, of course, is that the cars did not have diplomatic plates, as they should have. Their argument would probably be that in the current security situation it would be unsafe to go round in marked cars. But as AKS points out, this merely leads to more paranoia about Blackwater!

Anonymous said...

Considering that they are giving you billions of dollars of aid, it might be a good idea to take it quietly. Beggars can' be choosers.

Sofia said...

I recently heard that most of the new US state dept workers in Afghanistan are contractors, not government employees. I wonder if these were contractors, as well.