Monday, December 28, 2009

"Even Animals Aren't Killed The Way People Die Here" (Updated Below)

Dawn gathers harrowing eye-witness testimony from today's horrific attack in Karachi on Shias.

UPDATE: Karachi Metblogs has a series of pictures from the site of the attack.


Anonymous said...

"Whoever has done this, he cannot be a Muslim. He is worse than an infidel,"

And this is rehman malik. Worse than an infidel? Great, just great.

roti fan said...

This attack hit close to home for me.
My father was supposed to be at the procession, but he decided to spend Ashura in another province. It worries me to think that my father could just as well have been among the dead/injured.

Ourtraged_Animal said...

If bomb and bullet shrapnels hit the right is not as bad. high explosive detonation is a supersonic blast wave anyway..dead victims wont even know a thing.Again Nothing gruesomely in the scenes only..burning vehicles.
Animals are killed all the over world from innocent and peaceful whales,adorable dolphins in Asia,civet cats in china,lobsters, pigs,cows etc.
In Nepal recently 10,000 animals were mercilessly slaughtered for no reason at all and less said about Muslims the better. This all in-spite of enough vegetarian alternatives available. Humans deserve worse..much worse..
So this is a good time to introspect..what innocent animals goes through..same for Jews..when the same thing they do to sheep(detention,mass murder,industrial use of carcass) is done to becomes holocaust..but for sheep and their should be business as usual! Hypocrisy at its worst!
..And animals only kill for food..not because prey is SHia,sunni,hindu or muslim.

hmm said...

i'm disappointed that there still hasn't been any proper opinion piece on the Ashura blast on five rupees.

Ahsan said...

Hmm: There's nothing for me to say. There's only so many opinions one can have on all the death and destruction in Pakistan right now.

Dinesh said...

"Whoever has done this, he cannot be a Muslim. He is worse than an infidel," he told reporters.

If this is the kind of representatives that Pakistan people can choose, I, an infidel, want to go on record that they deserve what they are getting. I can't believe a cabinet minister can use this kind of language. Showing a little respect for others will go a long way towards peace.