Saturday, December 05, 2009

If Pakistan Was A Vegetable, What Would It Be?

So apparently our Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gillani was quoted by Al-Jazeera English as saying "Pakistan is a country. It is not a vegetable that someone can come and take it." Indeed.

The obvious question, however, is: if Pakistan was a vegetable, what would it be? My nominations is the onion, because it has too many layers for its own good, and it makes you cry.

To help you in your analogical quest, here's a list of vegetables from Wiki.


Rahma said...

Oh this one comes so easy...A big fat AALOO!!

karachi khatmal said...

pakistan would be a tomato - it pretends its a vegetable, but its really not. its a fruit.

Fernando said...

It might be a watermelon. Green outside, red inside...

Ahsan said...


No way. Aaloos are plain and useful. We're neither.


Erm, ok.


First of all, watermelon is a fruit. Secondly, are you implying we're somehow inherently communist? Because leftism died in this country in the 70s and 80s.m

Rahma said...

No no no! See aaloo in Khi is used to describe various states of ineptidude. Like "oho, aaloo agaya" (goes up on degrees - like bohat bara aaloo agaya and so on)"apna aaloo mujhay na tekao" "aaloo day dia"
so it's perfect see?

Anonymous said...

Here is the link to the video if any of you are insterested

Musaafir said...

I would say for me Pakistan is definitely a Karela (bitter gourd). Bitter to taste but I still love it.

Ahh.... Qeema Karela!

'stani ningga said...

you 'stani ninjas is craaaay-zee!

y'all don't get how hardco' moslem deez Southern Punjabis really is, do ya?

Callin some moslem ninja in the subcottinennt a veggie is like callin a ninja a ninja. Vegetable be a big style nationalist term yo!

Big G is sayin Pakistan is no vegetable, coz the stereotype of the Indian is ninja that consume "the vegetable", i.e. le vegetarian. i.e. you can't touch diss, manny singer!!

Y'all might think this is funny. But you gotta get down with Big G's gangsta trippin. Big G ain't playin. Ninja wants the keys. And he goin after em.

And so the question of which vegetable is moo'.

The real question is, if Pakistan be meat. What kinda meat it be, ninjas?

(First one to say dead meat get Injen citi-ZEN-ship, free lip-o-sex-un and a dance wit Ninjette Mallika S.)

And y'all is trippin veggies if you don't know who Mallika be.


anon123 said...

a Gutterflower.

hemlock said...

a) i do not like vegetables.
b) i like pakistan.
c) therefore pakistan is not a vegetable.

gillani can be a vegetable. he'd be a teenda.
and zardari would be a thali ka baingan.

Sakib Ahmad said...

Not sure about Pakistan, but the Pakistani middle class can certainly be likened to a COCONUT (brown outside, white inside). For more info, click the link below:

Anonymous said...

yar pakistan is not a vegeatbale so next time post some good post

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