Sunday, December 27, 2009

I'm Back

And I'm going to be live-blogging Day 3's play between Pakistan and Australia. While it won't be fun to see us lose within three days, I'm hoping at least that Umar Akmal puts on a show. He looked good in his time at the crease. So join me tomorrow to witness a Class A thrashing at the hands of the Aussies -- another one, that is.


Shahab Riazi said...

Nice to have you back. We might be in for a surprise from Umar. So far he has played a safe inning giving only one chance when he slashed over slips. If he continues in the same spirit, he can probably play through the inning and atleast make the Aussies bat again. That is the best case scenario. Lets hope for that.

Who's gonna analyse Lost episodes now, your mom? said...