Thursday, December 17, 2009

Quote Of The Day

From what is fast becoming my favorite Pakistani blog, Cafe Pyala:
If Newsline is now a brochure, why isn’t it free?

Trust me, it's a lot funnier when taken in context, which happens to be Newsline's story on Pakistani women and sex. Go read the whole post. It's hilarious.

By the way, a request to the Pyalas: don't stop blogging. The number of times I've been let down by bloggers I read who end up stopping -- there was that Saesneg chap, the Imtiaz sisters barely blog anymore, Tazeen blogs once every gazillion years, which is still more than Arif Rafiq -- is too many to count. My hunch is that (a) people either get bored, (b) have too much other shit to do, or (c) think tweeting is more fun. So Pyalas, don't stop. And definitely don't think tweeting is an adequate substitute.


Bubs said...

As a Newsline employee I disagreed with a lot of the criticism, but that line really made me laugh out loud.

Jaydev said...

I empathize with sarcasm for being "orientalist"(condescending?) in narration by newsline..but that doesnt take away the core point. The analytical blogger sidelines in one swipe the entire sexism,gender inequality issue in developing world.
Readers..were you horrified by recent Cairo summit's findings that 93%? of Yemeni women were sexually assaulted..that is messed though all yemeni women wear niqab..!!
I am saddened that there is not a word of empathy for women's issues and all energy was spent on spewing venomous sarcasm on "orientalist" mindset(of huffinton post journo).. I mean all journos whether Asian or White..when reporting for Western/English lang Media takes a condescending tone..that is a given. You gotta live with it..It was there for ever..didnt start from yesterday or day before..Classic case is BBC correspondents. RIA Novosti to me is an exception though..their analysis in any incidents are brilliant.