Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Story Of The Day

From the Poli Sci message board I linked to the other day:

When I was a TA a while back, I got an unmemorable but adequate paper, gave it a B-. Student comes to my office, says "I have a concern about my grade. You gave it a B-, but my girlfriend turned it in to another TA and she got a B." I paused for a couple of seconds, maintained my composure, and calmly said "that does sound like a problem. If you can bring me your paper and your girlfriend's paper, hopefully we can sort this out". So he does, and we turned them both in for plagiarism.

Actually, that wasn't a frustration. It was awesome.

You really should read some of the others on there.


sharpasand said...

what a dickhead TA

Ahsan said...

Um, what? What in your view should (s)he have done? Let the kid go for blatant cheating?

Zahra. said...

good job. if you're in college and you still don't get it, you probably don't belong anywhere near education.

Fatima said...

You have to read this: http://www.cis.gsu.edu/~dstraub/Courses/Grandma.htm