Friday, December 11, 2009

Well, Well, Well (Updated Below)

Look who decided to let us know he's still alive:
LONDON: Younus Khan who relinquished captaincy citing need for rest has said that he would be available for Pakistan’s upcoming tour of Australia.

He told a news conference here at the Lord’s Wednesday’s evening on the occasion of the launch of Pakistan versus Australia Test series in England next summer that he has informed PCB about his willingness to play in Australia.

Did you guys see Faisal Iqbal's innings today? Hahahahahahahahahahahaha. That was some funny shit.

As I was telling some friends on an email thread, Younis just wants to be loved. Is he childish? Yes. Melodramatic? Yup. Drama queen? Definitely.

But here's the thing. Well, here are two things. One, he's Pakistan's best number three -- ever. Seriously, go look at the numbers and tell me if you find one better. Two, there is no cricketer in our present set up who plays harder and cares more than this guy. In fact, he probably cares too much.

Make him feel wanted, and he'll respond. That's what the late Bob Woolmer did, back when he was coach, and Younis' career took off. Look, he's an emotional dude. Just think of him as a high-achieving middle child, and he'll be fine.

UPDATE: Man, I'm an idiot. Check the date on the piece linked. So we're not back to square one; we never left square one in the first place. Apologies.


AKS said...

YK may be childish and melodramatic but why does the PCB fuel this drama. Take this announcement for example, was it really necessary to hold a press conference with YK and Ijaz Butt, and that too at Lord's? And all this while the team's playing a series decider on the other side of the world.

A simple statement could have been released by the PCB that YK has made himself available for the Australia series - if the PCB really wanted to show some love, they could've added their appreciation at the decision and acknowledged the vital contribution of YK to Pakistani cricket. But no, we always need to have a fucking circus.

While I'm happy that he's made himself available, I'm also concerned on how MoYo reacts to this. I don't want to gain a number 3 and lose a number 4.

Ahsan said...

First of all, I don't think Yousuf would be too concerned with YK coming back (it's more the Malik types that should worry). But more importantly, I think our batting in this series -- not a single score of above 300 if I recall correctly -- might convince him to overcome any trepidation he might feel.

Tell you what though: Younis is SERIOUSLY out of practice. If he plays in OZ, he could well end up with less than 100 runs in the entire series.

Still, I'd rather have him failing than Malik/Faisal/Misbah.

AKS said...

I didn't mean that MoYo should be afraid of his place but YK coming back may have a psychological impact on MoYo and I don't want him to be out of sorts as we're going to need him to bat well. I'd definitely play YK though, do not want that chooth Faisal Iqbal in the team.

Ahsan said...

How much more out of sorts can Yousuf get? He has one score in five innings.

YS_1 said...

Sorry to get off topic, but has Ayaz Amir gone totally fascist?

Or totally crazy?

Indophile said...

Well , the other national favorite by accumulating all his luck in one innings has come up with a century. Carried his bat through the innings, only the fourth time in Pakistan's history, also he was so so happy about it. Fawad Alam must be mighty glad with Faisal Iqbal's innings though.

Kiwi commentary team's gem of the day (when Umar Akmal got out): He has finally ran out of luck. They are one happy bunch of jingoistic idiots

Raza said...

The last news from YK (admittedly from PakPassion) is that he's joined some club team in Quetta. Now either YK is preparing to fend off the Afghan troop surge, or bowling conditions in Quetta mimic Perth and he's just praticing. Either way, I fear for his enemies.

Umair Javed said...

I'm more concerned with Imran Farhat and the ominous nature of his century in the heartbreaking batting display today. Given the half witted heads of the selectors, Farhat has probably secured his starting position for the next two test matches. Frankly im sick and tired of the opener musical chairs and i for one would like to put my head out on the chopping board by suggesting that shoaib malik should open the batting with younis, yousaf, misbah and omer akmal forming the middle order...its time that the idiot takes some responsibility and he's a decent enough batsman to not be wasted on the sidelines for some half baked opener and buttered finger fielder like Imran Farhat

Shahab Riazi said...

Ahsan, you know what's funny is that Iqbal Qasim, while announcing the team for Australia's tour accounted for Younis' absence in the line up by saying that Younis has not provided his availability. Did Ijaz Butt forget to tell him about the press conf. or was Iqbal Qasim expecting a personal call (read plea) from YK to be included. Why is it that every PCB official has an oversized ego.

By the way, the pitch curator at Napier said the funniest thing while being completely honest: when asked about whether the pitch will produce a result or not he said, "Yes, because both sides have such bad batsmen. That's my honest opinion, they are useless."
Honesty can be truly refreshing, indeed.

Anonymous said...

i guess this means e have to bear with farhat for another year or so...that was the worst hundred ive ever seen made in a test match...that 'attempted-mow-over-mid-wicket-that-went-over-second-slip' before lunch was absolutely disgusting

Reverse Swing said...

the way Pakistani batsman played today I am totally pissed off i should have enjoyed my sleep, damn it. My clubs under 21 guys play better then this.

Well I guess they were caught in a pre-meditated plan to making runs at quicker rate. Each of them got out trying to be attacking. What the hell was an opener playing a cross the line shot in just under 5 overs of a test match.

Yousuf, Umar Akmal got frustrated after just 12 dot balls, oh come on this was test match. Playing on a batting pitch doesn't mean you got license to kill still it was NZ against NZ attack, and once you find bounce was little more then expected use some common sense, any of you? With performance like that you don't deserve to play test cricket.

Now make up for the first day in remaining four days and yet end up on losing side, that is your fate.

Anonymous said...


IN YOUR FACE 5 rs. hahaha