Friday, January 01, 2010

Sydney Selections Sagas (Updated Below With News Of Aamer's Injury)

On to lighter things. I have a blog post on Dawn's website on our selection issues for Sydney: who comes in for Rauf, whether to play two spinners, and the whole Younis fiasco. Also, make sure to check the comments for the guy who calls me a jerk for being mean to Rauf. Come on, man. The dude looked positively amateurish and completely out of his league. It's not my fault he sucks.

UPDATE: Well, there you go. Aamer is out with a groin injury. The positives:

1. The test will be over quicker, so all of us will be more productive.
2. We were going to lose this test anyway because of our batting, at least Aamer will now be saved from having to endure another loss.
3. A heavy defeat may mean the return of Younis Khan for the third test.
4. We get to watch Sami again which, let's face it, can be a real treat.

Good times.


mcphisto said...

Can the PCB be duped to hire PAF's services and ensure that Younis reaches Sydney on one of the fighter planes AND play in the 2nd test ?

Besides, getting Afridi there would be way more easier.

for the love of God, or whatever anybody believes in ... our selection committee must use SOME common sense.

my team -

salman butt
umar akmal
kamran akmal

Nabeel said...

why farhat,mcphisto? why not keep fawad?

Raza said...

I know it's kinda un-PC to say this, but Umar Gul's the most overrated bowler in world cricket since Mathew Hoggard. Reverse swing and good looks shouldn't be the only criteria selection (I'm talking about Gul, not Hoggard).

Hence I favor the Ajmal/Kaneria option not because Sydney will necessarily turn, but because it would give us our best four bowlers.

Having said that, I secretly hope Sami's selected just to see if he's maybe got his shit together. Also, given that Pakistan's success depends on one or two sessions of explosive talent--as opposed to sustained skill and application--Sami could be an option because he can create havoc for about 3 overs or so. Problem is, beyond those three overs he makes you want to bash has head with a Slazenger.

Nabeel said...

Ahsan,you might be interested in this. Not that we don't know most of it already - but it's still a good value for 12 minutes.

sana said...

Aah, too bad about Aamer. But I'm glad they're being sensible and not risking a long-term injury.

In the spirit of lighter things, here's a video of Aamer bordering on cocky-cute after the NZ tests:

Indophile said...

Come on Ahsan,leave Yunus alone, the dumbest reverse sweep in the history was no doubt played by Mike Gatting in the 1987 world cup final.

Indophile said...

Nabeel, that was a very interesting video, I guess the story would be same everywhere around the world.
But, do you know if that story about Hasan Raza was true ? if yes, what was the point

Nabeel said...

Indophile, I don't know if that story was true. But I am sure that politics does not undermine cricket in other countries as badly as it does in Pakistan - hell, our board director was once handpicked by the president of the country! i am sure it happens everywhere, but because the systems are so strong, talent does come through. what i found most interesting in this video was a) the attitudes of these guys and b) the assertion that many pakistani cricketers are full of fear that someone inferior will play, and full of anger when they do. i can certainly imagine bowlers flaring up when they see abdur rauf or sami playing,because they're definitely not the best pakistan has to offer.

Asif said...

Best scenario for sure. This series could be the end of Imran , Misbah, Shoaib and ofcourse Sami. They can go and play IPL . And i agree best time for Younis to come back with out any pressure. I have to disagree with Sana on Aamer's long term injury. He is playing the next IPL. So i dont see any of the new bowlers having long careers anymore . Too much twenty20 will shorten lots of careers.

Anonymous said...

62/7.....u better apologize...

Newbie said...
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Asif said...

I have seen enough cricket to tell you its too early.Its Australia they can still win from here and Pakistan has to bat. I'll apologize if Sami wins us the 3rd test

the sheikh said...

Asif made kangaroo stew today.

yum yum yummm

mcphisto said...

if only there was live blogging from you today.

cricinfo commentary is SO BAD, i mean all their good commentators are either taking a break, or are busy with england / south africa series.

now only if our batsmen support the bowlers' efforts.

FW-Michigan said...

Could not agree more. Ijaz Butt and Iqbal Qasim must go. They exercise personal likes and dislikes over national interest.The desire to cut Younis to size seems more important to them than to honour the SOS call from the Captain and Manager of the Pakistan Team in Australia.In any other cricket playing country the likes of Ijaz Butt/Iqbal Qasim would not have been tolerated even for a day. They need to be fired so that their successors be mindful not to tread on their path.

Mohammad Sami said...

A big f-you to all of you in the Pakistani blogosphere. Please go back to your depressing, unglamorous lives and dream about being credible analysts of everything under the universe.

Anonymous said...


You had the benefit of a horrible toss decision, a moist wicket, overcast conditions and the end with the best swing. Let's see how your fare when the pitch improves and you no longer have all those aids.

Yes, I'm being an asshole and will say that Sami still needs to perform in the second innings with better batting conditions to prove anything to me.

R Malik said...

Up yours Mohammed Sami. I could have got a five-fer in those conditions with my left arm medium rubbish.
Lets see you try and soften them up in the second innings when our batsmen have inevitably failed against a fired up Doug the rug & Mitchell Johnson and the pitch has stopped giving you assistance and our fielders have suddenly remembered they can't actually field.
I won't deny that I didn't jizz my pants when I woke up in the morning and checked the score. But this is just history repeating itself, i.e. the 90's when our bowlers would skittle teams out only for nephews and mateys like Farhat and Misbah to fuck it all up. The Paks will be lucky to get a 50 run lead after which it'll be business as usual by those convict bastards.

Mohammad Sami said...

Wow you guys give another meaning to the word loser. I think all of you need to improve your inswi..oh snap I forgot y'all don't have an iota of cricketing skill just a fancy computer and some good angrezi.

Oh, and I dont need to prove anything to YOU and your 5-reader-a-day blog.

Asif said...

Relax Sami, everyone has the right to express their opinion. I just hope you also get worked up this much when the Taliban blowup schools and kill civilians who are just playing volleyball. We need more of that after a bomb blast rather than getting infuriated over a cricket match or for restoration of judges.

anoop said...

How on Earth did Pakistan lose this? Damn!!!! I dont know if Australia won or Pakistan lost..