Friday, January 01, 2010

Welcome To 2010

Over 3000 people died in Pakistan in terrorist attacks in 2009. This happened on the first day of 2010.

AFP/Akbar Marwat

Dawn is reporting the
death toll to be 61, BBC is putting the number at 75. The target was a volleyball match, the cause being that the locals had organized a lashkar to turn back the heavy militant presence in the area.

Here's a short video from the BBC on the aftermath. Welcome to 2010, Pakistan.


Anonymous said...

Pakistani children write " Peace and 2010 " on the sand as the sunsets at Clifton beach in Karachi, Pakistan on Thursday, Dec. 31, 2009.

Butterscotch said...

Yaar don't want to comment. Read your article in dawn. It was very very well written.

Raza said...

dude you're a really Debbie downer.

anoop said...

2009 saw no attacks on India. This is mainly because Pakistan and ISI were preoccupied by the Menace they once created. I hope the peace continues in India.

Ahsan said...

Actually anoop, there was plenty of violence in India in 2009, but because very little of it was concerned with Indo-Pak issues, nobody (least of all you) cared about it.

anoop said...


Lol.. I know there was violence in India. I just said what I said to illicit a response.. I didnt expect you of all people to fall for it..
But, there is connection of Islamic-fundo terror attacks in India and the turmoil in Pakistan..
One would be a fool to say there is no violence in India. Its a population of 1 Billion people,for god sakes. To say there is no violence in such a country is plain stupid. We are dealing with 1 Billion people,here. Huge numbers..
There were no terror attacks,as in attacks supported by people from Pakistan. One of the regions is ISI is really busy and plain dumb luck.

Ahsan said...

Hmm. So you go from saying "2009 saw no attacks in India" to "Lol.. I know there was violence in India". By your own admission, you say something categorically false to "illicit" (you meant to say "elicit", the two words have different meanings) a reaction. In other words, you admit to being a troll.

Thanks for the admission. I'll be on the look-out for troll like comments to delete from you in the future.

anoop said...

Sure. Its your blog and you can delete any comments you dont like or make you uncomfortable.

I admit - My knowledge of English is very limited. I am not ashamed. I know 3 languages and English is the language I learnt very recently.

The fact remains- No Pak-Inspired Terror attacks(Hope we agree on these set of words).
There could be 3 reasons for this,
1) ISI had its hands full,or,
2) Dumb luck,or,
3) Indian Intelligence has become efficient.

I think its because of the 1st and 2nd set of reasons more than the 3rd.

Ahsan said...


There are many, many comments that make me uncomfortable or that I don't like that I still publish because I believe in free speech. But what I take as an assumption is that people are acting in good faith, and are interested in debate and argument. If people are here only to antagonize and elicit reactions with their rhetoric, than that assumption is no longer valid.

In other words, this has nothing to do with me. It's got everything to do with you. By all means, offend me and make me uncomfortable. But don't make the entire objective of your comments to offend.

anoop said...

I understand. I have been following your blog for quite a while and its very good. I am not here to offend (Although it is fun sometimes if you do it cleverly and in a non-confrontational way).

I will be careful next time to chose my words carefully so as to seem to initiate a debate rather than a confrontation.

I just wanted to make the point 2009 didnt see any terror (Pakistan-inspired) in India. And, the reasons I thought that were responsible for it. The probable reasons are,
1) ISI had its hands full,or,
2) Luck,or,
3) Indian Intelligence has become efficient.

But, the 1st reason might seem offending because I am accusing the people who Pakistanis think dearly of.. But, that is the truth according to me.

P.S. Attack on any living being is shameful. But, I must confess that I used to enjoy Terror attacks in Pakistan right after Mumbai happened in 2008. Not any more. One of the reasons is after Pakistan the next target is us and the lesser reason that innocent Human beings are getting killed. I am not perfect.

Rohith said...

If u are not perfect, at least, as a bare minimum, learn to STFU. And did someone introduce u to the concept of proof reading/versioning? Stop keying in the same points over and over again, especially when they make no sense and are at best corner of the street banter.

anoop said...

Okay Rohith, Keep your panties on..

Kaka said...

Tch tch, non-infidels getting killed by non-infidels. Got to love the Pakistani thought process though. A quote from the interior minister:

"Whoever has done this, he cannot be a Muslim. He is worse than an infidel," he told reporters.

After reading this, I am supporting the Talibs right now. I find them more honest than this slimy respectable people who can barely hide their wretched intentions. Go Talibs!! Teach the Pakis a lesson.

Sadia said...

Sadly the very first day of the year was marked by yet again another tragedy, I pity those brainwashed bombers for they are no different from a mindless drone who is a mere puppet! This show how desperate these extremist are for attention and they are now targeting innocent villagers for they are now being curtailed by the armed forces

Em said...

The death toll was actually more than 100.