Thursday, February 04, 2010

The Daily Times Has Given Up On All Pretenses And Is Now The PR Wing Of The PPP

The Daily Times has evidently learned of the term "fair and balanced" from Fox News. Please read this editorial on the troubles in Karachi. Wouldn't it have been easier to just write "PPP great. MQM bad. Okay?" and save the word count for other pieces?

I also loved the line "the issue of Karachi is not a simple one." No shit, Sherlock. Though you wouldn't know it from reading their views on it.


Umair Javed said...

Haha...they're still hurting from the mass exodus that took away Najam Sethi, Ejaz Haider and Qasim Nauman from them....a friend of mine used to work at DT and once told me that theres a sign in the newsroom that says anyone who mis-spells Salman Taaseers name in any part of the paper need not show up the next morning.....way to be 'fair and balanced' haha

Veerappan said...

That's interesting actually. I don't not claim to know the background of the newspaper, far from it actually. However, it's a recognized fact that the opinions of the mainstream media tend to be skewed in favour of the political parties who present a liberal, progressive image. This is because, to them the image of an educated forward thinking bureaucracy seem to overshadow any ills that may be plaguing it, apparent or otherwise.

It is certainly the case in India, where I was born, with the TOI and the Congress. An excellent example is that the fact that Rahul Gandhi's assets have alarmingly inflated during the period of the Congress rule has received but a passing mention.

It's certainly the case in US as well, where I am studying currently. The mainstream media is completely pro democrat with a few exceptions.

My belief is that this stems from the fact that a majority of newsreaders (I'm refraining from using the phrase 'sensible people') are educated and consequently, liberal.

It is my understanding that the MQM is perceived as a progressive party from what little I know of Pakistani politics. So for a prominent media source to develop a bias would only mean that they would alienate a majority of the readership, wouldn't it?

Seems counter productive to me.

Anonymous said...

Well, what else can you expect, their op-ed editor called MQM a fascist anti state party on twitter

sahaafi_baraadri said...

Perhaps because "MQM bad" is a succinct summation?
And that, Veerappan, has nothing to do with the whole liberal/conservative thing.