Saturday, February 06, 2010

Jon Stewart Vs. Bill O'Reilly

You know, for all of O'Reilly's condescension and inability to see basic facts for what they are, this is was actually a pretty fun interview. I think what this shows -- similar to Obama's Q&A with Republican members of the House last week -- is that soundbyte-sized interviews are always stupid. I mean, when you know you have a five or seven minute time limit, you're going to be dealing in talking points, and not really venture from prepared positions. You're not, in other words, going to think. It's the difference between studying for an exam by rote and studying for it by really getting into the material.

This was forty five minutes of good fun. I advise watching it.


takhalus said...

that's what you call a quality interview..proper substance and an acceptence where mistakes had made without demonising each other.

Teeth Maestro said...

A good interview - probably one of the first OReilly interviews I saw "in full" in a very very long time

Thanks for the update

phapatti said...

A nice change from the usual obnoxious O'reilly. A classic example of his idiocy is his interview with Dawkins.

Anon101 said...

Jon Stewart is a fucking genius!!! He should have run for the President.
Totally one sided contest..Didnt Bill'O see how Kimmel steam-rolled over Jay Leno..

Smci said...

This interview should have been nationally broadcast in prime time in its entirety.

Stewart and O'Reilly are giants for the two poles where millions of Americans gravitate.