Thursday, February 11, 2010

Links For Thursday

Stuff to help you waste time:

A friend of mine in New York is doing Teach for America, which involves teaching basically poor kids who've always done terribly at school. Lo and behold, he's started a blog to chronicle some of his adventures. Read this post, it's hilarious.

Speaking of hilarious, check out this report from AFP, which says that an unnamed Arab ambassador had his marriage annulled because he had never seen his wife-to-be before they got married (she covered her face), and that when he did finally see her, she was cross-eyed and had facial hair. Too. Many. Jokes. (Courtesy Nabeel)

A nice piece from Cyril Almeida on the Pakistani military feeling a little too pleased with itself. I was saying this exact thing to a couple friends on email the other day -- great minds and all that.

The only word that comes close to describing this Glenn Greenwald post on Rich "Starbursts" Lowry is "evisceration".

Via Rabia, check out this Facebook revelation from Ahmed Quraishi, where he basically admits to lying and spreading propaganda. Also, how dumb is that Sabeen Syed chick?

Since I've stopped being a cricket fan, I don't really comment on it any more. That said, I couldn't let this patent lie by Iqbal Qasim, who only recently resigned after we lost everything on the OZ tour, go free. My response on PakPassion is here and here.

Yay! Gail Collins declares Illinois to have the worst political culture in the U.S.! This only confirms what everyone living here knows to be a fact. I mean, do I even need to say anything other than "Blagojevich"? Also, on an unrelated note, can we get Collins to replace Tom Friedman as the NYT's so-called foreign affairs expert on the op-ed page? Actually, while they're at it, can they give her Dowd's space too? If not, can the NYT just stop printing op-eds on Wednesdays and Sundays (except for the excellent Frank Rich)? I think most people would be okay with that.

I didn't really have much to say about this whole Aafia Siddiqui thing. But others apparently did. Read Tazeen, Saba Imtiaz, and Nadeem Paracha on this.

Call me crazy, but I think there's some logical inconsistency in a quote which says "I talk on behalf of the jihadi leadership, that we all stand for a negotiated settlement."

An analysis of what role the full backs have in Pep's 4-3-3.

Via Nabeel, Megan Fox has more "fans" in Pakistan than Zaid Hamid, if Facebook pages are anything to go by. In fact, she is only narrowly beaten out by Prophet Muhammad. There's hope for our country yet. Details here.

Why is Barack Obama saying nice and non-critical things about bankers making lots of money?

The Guardian details a disgusting honor killing of a 16 year-old girl in Turkey, who was buried alive because she chose to talk to boys.

And finally, courtesy Negeen, check out what Google's suggested search term is when you punch in "recursion" into the search box.


Anonymous said...

Yo Mista is AWESOME!

"Congratulations John Doe, you passed the Integrated Algebra Regents Examination with a whopping score of 65. Out of a possible 39 questions (30 multiple choice and 9 short-answer), you answered 15 questions correctly, and left the entire short-answer portion blank! But no sweat, this gives you a raw score of 30, which translates to a scaled score of 65 (somehow). John, you half-assed your way through class. You have a shitty attendance record. You still don't know how to engage in a conversation without dropping the "F" bomb four-to-five times in a sentence. But you know what? You passed the Algebra Regents Examination. John, you're ready for the real world. Yes, you, John. Forget what your teachers say about work ethic, discipline and practice. This is your time. Grab a Bud Light."

That was the best!!! :D

Thanks for the link!

Rishad said...

Here's another link for you. It's been proven untrue, but this was an awesome story while it lasted:

M. said...

ahmad qureshi ke alawa dosra furishta kuan hai?

Pagal_Aadmi_for_debauchery said...

Ahsan: Your posts are usually well thought out and nuanced. I am a little surprised that you have linked to and stated 'read SabaImtiaz' on the Aafia Siddique saga. I did read her piece and it is nothing more than a juvenile rant.

Ahsan said...


Come on Mista, you don't have to change your log in and post anonymous compliments to your own blog.


Thanks for the link. That one was ALL over EVERY blog so I didn't want to post it.


Some fangirl I think.

Pagal Aadmi:

Haha, sorry for that. You should probably take it up with her rather than me though.

Mista said...

Haha! Ahsan, not sure (Husain Haqqani) the type (Husain Haqqani) of people (Husain Haqqani) you hang out with, but that wasn't me (Husain Haqqani). Pretty good idea (Husain Haqqani), but I doubt it's original (Husain Haqqani).

fatima-ahtesham said...

Nice post and i also wana know k
ahmad qureshi ke alawa dosra
furishta kuan hai?