Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Man United Fans Don't Actually Believe This Crap, Do They?

I read this comment on the Guardian blogs, the first one in the thread, and almost threw up in my mouth:

Manchester United have the most effective player in the world.

I wouldn't swap Rooney for any other player.

That's not even blinkered. He's younger and better than anybody else you put anywhere near him.

A few comments down, I came across this:

Never write a player off. Darren Fletcher, my god, how did this happen? It's almost beyond belief what's happened to this guy. Guardiola knows, if Fletcher plays in the final Barca are f**cked.

I stopped reading after that. But quick question to the United fans out there: do you guys actually believe this shit, or are you just being euphoric?


Ali K. said...

lol No. But you've got to admit Rooney is the most in form player right now, kind of like Ibra was at the start of the season for Barca. Fletcher has been massive for United in almost every big game for the last couple of seasons.

The most glaring thing to come out of this match was the horrible defending from both sides. Rooney's second goal was like watching the Messi CL final goal. Surreal.

AKS said...

Ali K.,

"Fletcher has been massive"

Are you serious? He's a been a massive cock, that's what he's been.

And Ahsan I would be scared of Fletcher if I were you unless Messi, Xavi, Iniesta, et al have legs made of minemetic polyalloy and thus able to withstand his vicious challenges.

I hate Fletcher with every bone in my body - even that one! If Fletcher was a girl and looked like megan fox and was naked, I still wouldn't get it up because he's such a massive cunt. I'd instead make him stand in a corner and nudge away at his ankles and heels for hours - chinese torture style.

I hope Terry sleeps with his girlfriend.

Umair Javed said...

you're being too harsh on his girlfriend...

the fact of the matter is United fans are obsessing over the fact that they beat AC MIlan (ask liverpool fans and we'll yawn and tell them been there done that haha)...they dont realize that they won against a team thats going through a pretty patchy phase, dont have an in form striker up front and more importantly, had a 38 year old playing in defense for a portion of the match....add all that with the fact that huntelaar has forgotten how to score goals and he missed several chances....united are going to be taken apart by any sensible team with a team that has a slightly more pacy defense...rooney might be going through a purple patch but that by no means places him at par with the continental elite...this is just the English press barking off like always...

In other news...stevie G should have been made england captain instead of mister junkie rio ferdinand

Ali K. said...

Man U's defensive frailties this season havn't been a secret. But which team in the world that suffers injuries leading to its 3 out of 4 defensive positions being manned by midfielders wouldn't think its an achievement just to be challenging for the title.

Rio hasn't had a decent stretch of games in a long while. Evans had a shocker the other day. Its going to take sometime for this defence to get anywhere near last year. If it weren't for Fletcher turning it on in the middle of the park and VDS's calm head Milan were on their way to pulverizing us. Milan's midfield had far more creative players than Man U's.

/Are you serious? He's a been a massive cock, that's what he's been./

Sounds like the whining of an Arsenal fan. Am I right?

I can understand Arsenal fans distaste for Fletcher. He makes the likes of Diaby, Song et al look useless. If only Arsenal had someone like fletcher... wait didn't they once upon a time?... oh yeah Viera... I think Messers Wenger and Co. suffer may from serious long term memory loss.

Fletcher's significance isn't just his amazing work rate he also provides crucial assists (2 last night) and goals. Anyone who thinks he can't tackle should see the one on Cesc Fabregas in the CL Semi-final last year for which he was sent off. Great Tackle.

/In other news...stevie G should have been made england captain instead of mister junkie rio ferdinand/

So, Serial-Diver/brawler over ex-junkie then?

(Btw he only missed a test, never proven to take drugs)

Ahsan said...

I admit Fletcher has special ability, but it's a special ability to commit serial and professional fouls without being carded. It's a talent, to be sure, but hardly one worth celebrating.

lalapathan said...


Umair Javed said...

@ Ali K: touche hahaha...with brawlers, junkies and playboys, England really are spoilt for choice...

Nabeel said...

Ali K,

I know Man Utd fans are crazy defensive, and that's why you're always getting baited into conversations where you ultimately lose...

"If it weren't for Fletcher turning it on in the middle of the park and VDS's calm head Milan were on their way to pulverizing us. Milan's midfield had far more creative players than Man U's."

Seriously, so you're proud of the fact that Man U was getting destroyed by cast-off Beckham, worn out Ronaldinho, half-dead Ambrosini, and lacklustre Pirlo? The only comparable midfielder was Scholes,who should have had a field day in that ancient Milan midfield,but-as you say-got pulverized.

agreed,rooney rocks,and fletcher does a great job,but don't get carried away after a San Siro win.

Ali K. said...

@ Ahsan lol Anyone who believes that somehow Fletcher fouls more than your regular Premier League DM and gets significantly less cards is seriously delusional.

To give you a comparison, stats from 2009/10(Around 20 games played each):
Fouls YC RC
Fletcher 26 3 1
Song 48! 7 0
Diaby 31 1! 0
Mascherano52! 7 2
Lucas 40 6 0
Palacios 50 8 0
Cana 49 8 1
Ballack 34 0 0
Mikel(16) 21 2 0
De Jong 33 6 0
Essien(14) 13 2 0


The only two main DM's from the PL with less fouls among than Fletcher are Mikel and Essien both of whom have played less games.


@ Nabeel. Dude I'm certainly not getting carried away with the win. As I admitted above Milan's mid-field was more creative than ours and a lack of creativity in the middle of the park is Man U's biggest weakness. I also pointed out how our defense is currently shit(we have the players though, a matter of time till it gets better), only that Milan's is shittier.

Ahsan said...

Numbers shumbers. I know a sneaky little professional fouler when I see one.

Asfandyar said...

Few Man Utd fans believe Rooney's the best player on the planet. He's not. He may be the most in-form player, but he's not the best. It's Messi/Ronaldo, and then a whole host of other players.

As for Fletcher, he does the fouling part in the big games because he's told to help shore up the midfield. Doesn't mean that's all to his case - you just have to look at his two assists against Milan.

The Fletcher praise from Rooney and co. is mostly because, well, no one's going to say Fletcher's a limited player who has a stunning capacity to perform well in big games now are they?

@Umair: yeah, Nesta's shit. Always has been. Italian defenders are always based on pace and once they lose that, they turn to potty. /sarcasm

oh, and enjoy the Europa match tonight :)

@Nabeel: I have absolutely no idea where you get the notion that United fans are wheeling away in joy after we won at San Siro.

Oh, and Ahsan, what the fuck are you doing reading football comments - EVER? If I trawl through grauniad or well, the internet, the amount of balls to the wall retarded things I'd find spoken by supporters of football clubs across the world would turn me into a madman. We have to be the stupidest bunch of people on earth. or, at the very least, the most tribal.

Nabeel said...

Asfandyar: From seeing Man Utd fans wheeling away in joy? To be fair though it's not a sentiment everyone seems to have (although I'd reckon a 3-1 scoreline might have done the trick).

Asfandyar said...

@Nabeel: Yep. 3-1 would've had that effect. The Seedorf goal put a damper on things. That said, as has been noted many times before, we were quite lucky to go into HT on par, as opposed to 2-3 goals down. Could've screwed up in the end too. It was just a bad day when our defense (particularly Evans and Rafael) just seemed to go batshit crazy at times. Though I shouldn't forget some of Scholes' short passes in the first half.

All things considered 3-2 is a very good result and puts us in the driving seat, but the tie is far from over.

Ahsan said...


The Guardian blogs for non-EPL related things are excellent. I love the La Liga blogs, the Joy of Six etc. And many smart and well-informed commenters also. The English teams' supporters sort of ruin their side of things, to be sure.