Thursday, February 04, 2010

No, Jang Group, You Did NOT Just Take Credit For The Resumption Of Indo-Pak Talks

Oh dear. Has there ever been a more self-important headline in a newspaper before? I'd credit General Kayani or the IPL fiasco for the resumption of talks before I'd credit this Aman ki Asha crap.

Anyway, here's the rundown of this whole "resumption of dialog" thing: right now, Pakistan has sought "clarification" of the agenda for talks which India has proposed. While this happens, Rehman Malik will be meeting his Indian counterpart later this month (I fully expect Rehman Malik to make a NYT-front-page-making gaffe at this summit, by the way...something along the lines of "We have evidence that RAW was behind the Mumbai attacks of 26/11" or "Dawood Ibrahim is a friend of Pakistan's" or some such).

After the clarification is presumably issued, there will be wrangling over why India wants to discuss everything but Kashmir and water, and why Pakistan wants to discuss nothing but Kashmir and water. If we somehow get through the phase, dates will be set, agendas will be ironed out, "historic" meetings will be scheduled -- only to be derailed by the next crisis on the subcontinent.


Anonymous said...

great post, except that the last line should read as "only to be derailed by Pakistani ceasefire violations in the midst of peace talks."

Smci said...

You suppose this has anything to do with Karzai's "London Conference" gambit as well?

Get the proxies to compromise parallel with having the puppetmasters compromising?

Maybe Kashmir won't feature as prominently as usual?

Ahsan said...


For convenience's sake, I'm just going to refer to you as Snarky Indian Reader Number #5694. We see our fair share, and numbering them is the only way to organize 'em.


Yeah, maybe on the whole holistic nature of political developments point. Doubt it on the Kashmir not playing any role point -- it's always hard for Pakistani diplomats to sell talks with India to a domestic population if Kashmir is not (even nominally) on the agenda.

CoderInMaking said...

Shouldn;t it be "the next crisis in the subcontinent" and not "the next crisis on the subcontinent"?

pc said...

Is there any way the Kashmir dispute will be resolved through diplomatic means alone? No one even seems to have a workable solution that keeps people on both sides happy. So why bother?

Anonymous said...

The comment about crediting the IPL fiasco for this got me thinking..We should use cricket diplomacy to help improve relations between our two nations. But not by playing against each other. Instead there should be a joint indo pak team playing against the rest of world for a 3 match one day series. We should have six players from India and five from Pakistan. Specific roles of players are selected (How many slots for batsmen, bowlers etc). And the way we pick is by having population of India as well as pakistan vote in the players for each slot (regardless of country). And finally the corporates and television stations from both nations sponsor the series. The prize money should be big enough that the big players from ROW are incented to play.

Well one can atleast dream right ? What would that jt team look like ?

Ahsan said...

Well, based on the results of the OZ tour, I would say that joint team would have 11 Indians. Fawad Alam could be 12th man though.

anoop said...

Chidambaram has more brain than the entire ministers in Pakistan. I think he has a plan and this is more of a Terror-agenda talks than talks on Kashmir. Talks on Kashmir should start after LOC Infiltration stops and Terror Infrastructure is dismantled. The Lure of Kashmir oriented talks should be used to make Pakistan act on Criminals.